What is a typical day like how do you divide time between house/kids/you

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Hello I wanted to get some idea of what some stay at home moms do during the day. Sometimes I feel guilty that I may not be spending enough sit down time with my children. How structured are the kids day. Do you have sit down and learn time, play time etc. I've tried scheduling activities for the day and tried just letting it flow and haven't perfected it yet. I do know that my daughter is 4 and I would really like to sit down and work with her on her ABC/123. Thanks


Melissa - posted on 03/01/2009




I have a 3 1/2 yr old & an 8 month old. We have a schedule but that is because I would go crazy without one. I was pretty structured before I had the kids & have tended to stay that wasy.

The kids get up @ 7:30. I take a shower while the 3 yr old is allowed to watch cartoons. My husband doesn't leave until 8 so he watches the kids while I'm in the shower. I get the kids dressed & then we have breakfast around 8:30. I am homeschooling the 3 yr old 3 days a week. At 9 we start "school time". This isn't all sit down at a table & work. We play games & do other activities too. We do this until 10:30 when the 8 month goes down for a nap & then finish "school time" from 11 to 12:30. On the 2 days we don't have school, he has other activities outside the house (playgroup & story time). We all have lunch @ 12:30. The 3 yr old goes down for nap @ 1 & I play with the baby. My son gets up @ 2:30 & has a snack & the baby goes back down for a nap @ 2:30. He can do "quiet" activities while she is sleeping & we try to go outside & play for part of this time too. The baby gets up at 4:30 & has a snack. I cook supper around 5 & we eat at 6 when my husband gets home from work. I pick up around the house & do dishes after supper. We read books around 7 & then start bedtime routine at 7:30. Both kids are in bed at 8:30. As far as laundry & housework I do this in the morning before the kids get up (I get up around 6) & after they go to bed. I also work part time from home & I'm able to do my work when the kids are asleep too. I run all my errands on Saturday while my husband watches the kids. I can also catch up on any housework I wasn't able to get done during the week on Sat while my husband is home.

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I tried a schedule early on (when I had only one child), but found it to just be too rigid for me. Now I have a 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl, and we have a very loose schedule in place, but for the most part we just roll with it. Some parts of our routine never change, like the fact that we're always up at 7 a.m. and I make them get dressed, eat breakfast and make beds (only my oldest) before anything else happens. Morning preschool is also a set thing. Other than that, I just plan out our days week by week. I try to have 1 or 2 fun outings for the kids each week (library, skating, zoo, etc) and the other days we either play here at home, meet a friend at the park, etc. I've found that by looking at the entire week and choosing our activities in advance (I usually do this on Sunday), I feel like I have some control without us being tied down to a rigid schedule. I also decide at this point when I will do my shoppping, when I will squeeze in some time at the gym, and when I will get my more time-consuming chores done. Definitely helps me feel like I have a grip on everything, I know what will happen when, but it's a little different each week, so it's not monotonous.

I recently started "homework time" with my 5 year old just to teach him time management (something he definitely struggles with in school) Every day I set a timer for 10 minutes and give him something to do (paint a picture, complete workbook pages, etc) If he completes the assignment in time, he earns a magnet for his reward chart (this has definitely helped him learn to focus and get things done - he really wants those magnets so he can earn enough $$ for a certain toy!) Other than that, I don't have scheduled educational time. I think any activity can be educational. My son is a fantastic reader, and I credit that to the fact that he practices constantly - he reads signs while I'm driving, packages at the store, etc. I have been teaching my daughter her colors while we grocery shop recently (it's working wonderfully - especially in the produce aisle). As for teaching your daughter her ABC's/123's, I'd say just do it while you're spending time together, it definitely doesn't need to be a scheduled thing (you'll have quality time together, and she'll learn a lot without even realizing it!) When you're out together, play "I Spy" and have her search for a certain letter or number, from there you can advance to searching for words, that's how I started with my son (also we read 3 stories at bedtime everyday, which I think helps tremendously).

Try not to feel guilty, as long as you're spending time with your daughter, I don't think there's a right or wrong way of doing it. Whatever works out best for you! Good luck!


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Tammy - posted on 02/28/2009




My daughter is three and she likes helping with chores eg:washing dishes or drying.....I find this time very special because we are doing it together and she learns at the same time like sorting and grouping eg: put forks were forks go,spoons were spoons go etc...also what colour is that cup?......its great cause we spend time together while doing chores.......

Julie - posted on 02/27/2009




In all honesty I don't really schedule activities with my kids that are at home. We just kinda play and learn as the day goes even while cleaning we will sing songs like the ABC's or something. Just in general conversation they always have questions that turns into something educational. But with that said here is what my average day looks like.

- 7 am get up and get my oldest up and dressed and ready to get on the bus. Feed all four kids breakfast and while they are eating I usually try to do a quick load of laundry.

- During the morning hours I usually run errands if I need to or just get some general house cleaning done like the everyday stuff. Each day of the week I do on room top to bottom to stay on top of it. Maybe a load of laundry again too.

Noon my second oldest goes to pre school then straight back home and put the two youngest down for naps. I usually make dinner during this time too so I just have to warm it up later. Then I take a break! lol

at three we are off again to pick up everyone from school and head to Tae Kwon Do for the oldest two and get home about 6 and its heat up dinner..then bedtime routines, baths books and homework.

8 pm all kids in bed!

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