What is the best way to handle a naughty 4 year old?

Stephanie - posted on 07/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Lately I have been to my breaking point with my son. He will not listen at all, at first we thought that he did have a hearing problem due to him being a preemie, but we had him tested and everything is fine. He will not listen when we ask him to do something, just straight up ignore us. He talks back, is mean to his sister by taking toys away from his 1 year old sister, pushing her and just rude to her in every aspect. We have a new puppy as well and he will just sit there and push on him, hit him, and chase him around when he is trying to eat. We have tried time outs, taking things away, sending him up to his room to relax and tke a breather. Nothng is working. I dont like yelling at him but it just seems thats all my husband and I have been doing lately. Then when we doyell he sits there and smiles at us.
Please let me know if anyone has any advice on how to get him back on track.

Thank you!


Louise - posted on 07/11/2012




When he is doing something wrong get down to his eye level and catch his attention. Make him look at you in the eyes, to show he is listening. Tell him what he is doing wrong and how you want to change his behaviour, if he continues then warn him he will be excluded if he carries on. If he continues take him away from the situation and place him in his room and close the door. Wait five minutes and go in and talk to him. Ask him why he is there and what he could of done differently. If he has no answer then tell him why and what you want him to do. Always end the chat with a cuddle. If you keep to the same disciplin he will know what is coming if he miss behaves and should adjust his behaviour.Don't yell at him, this in a roundabout way is giving him attention for naughty behaviour and even though it is not a positive reward he still sees it as a reaction from you.

Removing him is less stressful for you and will give him time to reflect on why he has been excluded.

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