What is the craziest, strangest, most annoying thing your child has tried to eat as a baby?

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My son will be 8 months old tomorrow and he can find things you dont even see to try and eat. Last night he pooped and it had paper in it (always trying to get his sisters papers to chew on UGH)! My girls both had a thing for trying to get dog food.

What is the thing you had to work the hardest to keep away from your baby? Or what was the oddest thing you caught your child trying to eat?


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Lais - posted on 01/23/2013




My daughter is gonna be 9 months old tomorrow and I asked my mom to watch her while I slept a bit. She had a bandaid on her leg from her monthly vaccination today and she put it in her mouth. My mom panicked. She swallowed it. She's such a crazy kid. I couldn't get it out and my mom kept running back and forth saying "omg omg omg". I was like, "mom relax!babies eat the craziest shit."

[deleted account]

lol Leah. My son loves nail polish and will try to pick it off my toes. My girls were the same way. But never tried to eat my feet haha

LEAH - posted on 08/22/2011




I have twins who are 10 months and they both love to try to eat my feet while they are crawling on the floor. Whenever I move my feet they get angry, I go and put socks on and that just make them go after my feet more!!

My son is 4 but when he was around 1 and a half I changed him and found hair beads and little black rubber bands in his diaper. Ugh!!!

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Liz-OMG! Thats just ewww lol! I just wish I knew what went through the kids minds when they do some of this!

[deleted account]

Janice- Glad i'm not the only one with a child who sucks wet things. My 2 yr old loves diaper wipes, wash cloth...if its wet she'll take it.

Janice - posted on 08/22/2011




The dog food has been an issue on and off for almost year now -since my daughter started crawling. We try to only feed him while she is in her high chair eating but now that she is almost 2, she wants to be the one to feed him and sometimes after she scoops out his kibble she sneaks a piece. Thankfully, she otherwise has not/ does not put everything in her mouth. She does also enjoy sucking on anything wet - washcloth, paper towel, baby wipe... Yuck!

Katherine - posted on 08/18/2011




Ewww, kids do the weirdest things. My daughter has this new thing where she licks my face. She's 29 months old.

Liz - posted on 08/18/2011




Update - my now 20 month old son (the same one that at 17 months shoved all the jelly beans in his mouth) tried licking the toilet tank this afternoon! Thankfully I caught him when his tongue was about a quarter inch from the tank and stopped him. Gross!

Tracie - posted on 08/18/2011




My second daughter earned the nickname "the goat" because she would try to eat any crazy thing she found. The worst had to be the light bulb! It was one of those little Christmas lights from the strand. She had just turned 2. Heard her crunching away on something & when hubby and I realized neither of us had given her anything to eat, we investigated and found the ground up lightbulb in her mouth. And we had just finished dinner, so it wasn't from hunger. Crazy kid. She's almost 7 now and I still have to stop her from putting non-edibles in her mouth. Thankfully she doesn't try to eat them anymore, but I don't even want them in her mouth. Uck!

Amy - posted on 08/18/2011




My daughter who at the time was 13 months found a dog treat on the floor and started chewing on it, she thought it was the funniest thing

Alicia - posted on 08/17/2011




oh my what hasnt my daughter tried to eat. lets see. she ate half my deodorant, a used baby wipe, she took a bite out of my leather ottoman, and probably 2 days a week she has crayons in her mouth. might i add my daughter is 2, and everything is child locked. shes crafty! :)

[deleted account]

My 8 month old went after dog food for the first time last night! UGH whats is it with the dog food! Luck for me normall if I say "UNTOH" He will leave it alone. Look at whatever, maybe try again, but hes been the best listener by far so far!

Jennifer - posted on 08/16/2011




I started putting a child lock on the bathroom door, the day I found bite marks in my deodorant! Then, one day the same child (ornery little monkey) followed his brother into the bathroom, before my oldest could get the door shut. Pretty soon I hear my oldest yelling "gross! that's disgusting!" When I go in to check it out, my then 2 year old had pulled the drain plug out of the sink and was licking it like a popsickle!

[deleted account]

HAHA It just amazes me the things kids will eat or try to eat. A friend of mine has 5 soon to be 6 kids and one ate 1/2 a worm, and another one of her sons ate an ant.
Liz- Magnets are another thing my girls loved. The jelly bean thing would have scared me to death too!

[deleted account]

J ate a spider when he was 10 months old. It was one of those little green tree spiders. I've always thought they were cool, and they are perfectly harmless, so when I saw one making its web in a dogwood, I told J "Look at the pretty green spider!" and he just reached out and popped it in his mouth before I could react....poor spider! (I took him to the Dr. He was fine)

Liz - posted on 08/16/2011




Well it's not necessarily "weird" since it's food, but my son when he was about 17 months old got ahold of his older brothers' candy jar and shoved about 10 jelly beans in his mouth before I caught him. Thankfully he hadn't swallowed any but it still made my heart jump up into my throat! I think all of my boys (3 of them) have put blocks into their mouths, or we have letter magnets that go on the fridge - that was a biggie. I can't really think of anything else weird they've eaten.

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