What is the daily routine from AM-bedtime for your 5 year old? Need answers!

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My husband and I are getting custody(God willing) of his twin 5 year old boys very soon and I am working on a daily schedule/routine that will include craft time, educational time, outdoor play, indoor play, cartoon time, making lunch/dinner together, minor chore/household duty, etc. Please help! I have no idea what the daily routine(that works) for a five year old would look like. I have written up a draft but can't be confident without hearing from other SAHMs, which I will become(at least until school year starts in August).

Thank you!


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One other thing. Not sure if you are planing to go to work in August when school starts, but given the big change for these little ones, you might want to consider taking a year off to be involved in their school. It would go a long way in helping them adjust.

You are going to have discipline problems at first--they go along with custody changes like this--but the more time you spend with them, the better they'll get. Give them control as often as you can--they are going to be feeling very vulnerable and are going to want to stand their ground in small battles just to prove to themselves that they can (imagine being completely powerless and at the mercy of what other people want for you, that's how they feel. They need to know that their needs and wants will be considered). Let them choose their outfits, give them choices for dinner/lunch, let them pick crafts from a selection, etc. Anytime you CAN give them a choice, do it, then they will be more cooperative when you cannot give them a choice.

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The trick to making it work is making sure that it is not too strict.
If they are having a blast with the craft for the day, don't make them stop in the middle of their fun just because you want to move on to outdoor play--Be flexible and let them do what they are enjoying.

I can tell you right now that if you try to fit all of the stuff you listed into one single day you're going to go crazy. Pick a few things to do everyday (like the chore, educational time, free play), then picking a major activity for each day (Like Crafts on Monday, Park on Tuesdays, Library on Wednesdays, Errands on Thursdays, Crafts on Friday). The thing is....Crafts are MESSY, and expensive (even the inexpensive ones add up if you are doing them every day), and they always take longer than you think they will. That said, they are WELL worth the effort and I think it's great that you want to include them.

This is what I did with J before he started school.
He had a chore chart--I printed a list of chores on pretty paper and put it in a picture frame. Attach a dry erase marker so he can mark off the chores as he completes them, then just wipe clean for the next day. I also used one for J's bathroom time--shower, brush teeth, etc.--so I didn't have to micro manage that. You will probably have to help your twins A LOT at first, but if you make the lists and check them off with them, they will become self sufficient a lot quicker.

We had a big activity at 10am most days--Story Time at the library or bookstore Mondays and Wednesdays, Swim lessons Tuesdays, and Play Date on Fridays. Thursdays were for errands and shopping, but I always tried to leave at 10am just for the consistency it offered. If we didn't have a Play Date on Fridays we did a mommy&boy date--sometimes it was just popping corn and a movie cuddled up on the sofa, other times I'd take him to the park, skating, biking, whatever. Lunch was at noon everyday--I ALWAYS kept granola bars, sealed apple sauce, and disposable spoons in my purse. This way, if we were out and about and having a blast we could still eat without having to run home or waste $$ on junk food.
After lunch was Educational time. I was pretty flexible with this. He had a "workbook" to work in, but sometimes we would just read together, sometimes we'd write a story, practice drawing letters (try making them very decorative), do a science experiment, play a math or memory game. His attention span was short. I allowed 30 minutes for this, but if he was bored by 15, we were done. Pushing them too long will create a negative association with learning, and you don't want to do that.

After educational time was free play while I cleaned up the house. He could do anything he wanted in his room or in the back yard, but no electronics.

He helped with dinner sometimes, but more often than not, he would play with his dad while i cooked. This was their bonding time since dh worked during the day. After dinner, dh got him ready for bed while I cleaned up then we both read to him.


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I have a 5 year old boy with ADHD He had the Same schedule from 10 Months till he started preschool at 3 It was hard once he started becoming independent and school I'm still trying to figure out routines and stuff its hard since he thinks he can do things on his own and wants to do what he wants if not its world war 3 with him I would like to know how as well

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Oh lord, twin 5 y/o boys?! haha...I have 1 and that's enought work! A day (when not at school) would be wake up, chase dog around house LOUDLY....eat breakfast and get food everywhere....watch cartoons....get dressed mis-matched....go outside and get filthy...come inside and get dirt everywhere....take bath....eat a snack....chase dog.....play with anything BUT toys....make more messes....go outside, then inside, outside, then inside....eat lunch and make another mess, take a nap. Wake up...do it all over again....8pm take a bath, read a book, go to bed. MOM RESTS!! Just keep lots of healthy snacks, building toys,yard toys, books, writing/coloring stuff in the house. Good luck!

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Thanks girl you gave a lot of input that really makes sense! I will take your advice on several things you listed in your first entry. About school, I am playing it by ear. My husband makes enough to where there is no rush for me to go back and, tbh, I would not mind doing the SAHM thing for a year. Would def at least take some online classes though that way I can be doing something productive towards the career I am aiming for. I have been working consistently since I was 16 so not doing SOMETHING to better myself in my professional life would drive me nuts after 6 months or so. I just enjoy the company of the kids so much it would be ideal if I could be a SAHM while taking classes until I received my degree, going full time if possible. Everything is really just up in the air so everything I am saying as far as education and career is on a play it by ear basis. It's nice to get the opinion of a Mom..most people don't reply to a lot of posts on here so it's hard to get answers from women with experience. You changed my mind about the schedule I had come up with last night lol Def waay to "structured" and planned out. Thanks for that(and a thank you in advance from the kids!) Just so excited about (hopefully) getting them. PRobably why I am over-planning lol That's me-I'm a planner. When I am enthusiastic about something, I research it. And I LOVE these kids. Sounds weird, but ehh, that's good I guess. Because the "usual" SM does not act/feel the way SKs, my husband, and I all act/feel about each other. Someone always has something when a SM claims they love their SKs or vice versa. Who cares though, really. Someone always has something to say no matter the subject. Thought I'd throw that in there for anyone who read my claim and was going to "get onto me" like in the past with a different site for Moms and SMs.

But yeah, very excited to spend tons of time with them. I love art, zoos, museums, the park, tents in the living room, watching Disney movies, time outside, etc so it feels like an excuse to do more things I love to do! I also enjoy teaching each child something and then not only seeing him succeed, but also seeing their excitement-literal excitement-about learning something new. About bettering himself. It's my favorite part about being a parent. The smile on each of their faces when they realize they can do something they doubted a few moments prior. And then look to me as if to say "did you see that?" with their eyes and smiles. ♥ Love them.

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