What is the easiest way to transition your child from staying at home with you to starting school? My oldest is going to start Kindergarten this fall and I want to make it as easy for him as possible.


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I bought my son a couple fo those workbooks from Costco & Sam's Club with the curriculum that is required for Kindergarten and we did "homework" for 15-30 minutes M-F so he got the idea of school work & I made sure he was ready for school.

I also brought him to the school several times right before he started so he could get used to where his classroom would be & the playground equipment.

We went to the library once a week during the summer before he started so he could go to the "reading" times with other kids & it was free at our local library.

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My son stayed home with me until he went to preschool twice a week at 4 years old. He was never away from me. When kindergarten came around, he was absolutey fine. I think I was the nervous one. He had no problems getting on the school bus either. First, ask him how he feels about going to school. Explain how he'll make a lot friends and be around other kids. And how he will always come home to you. Does he go to preschool? If not, then look into park districts and they often have a one day a week drop off "class" for ages 3-5. They usually only last 6 weeks and are cheap. My middle child, who is 5 and starting kidergarten in fall, doesn't really say much when I refer to kindergarten. He knows what it is because of his brother, but I can't really "read" him.I decided to drop the subject for now nad bring it up over the summer. Why worry him when it is still awhile off.

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a good book to read is "miss bindergarten gets ready for kindergarten" and any books about going to school. if there is a supply list, let him pick out his stuff (within reason) , I like the idea of letting him meet his teacher and walking around the class. also, if you have a class list, why not have a playdate at the park with the other moms and kids so you can all get to know each other, plus, he will know some of the kids on the first day, and will see familiar faces. a friend of mine just had coffee and cookies at her house so everyone could meet, after all, your kids will all be in school together for quite a while!

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Over summer break take him to the school to get familiar with the playground - more than once.  You will have 1-2 meetings in school with the teacher before school starts, sometimes even a sample bus ride around the block.  Also, preparing with a summer camp where he's away from you for a few hours may build that trust, that you will come back might help.  Good luck! 

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A couple things you could do is:

1. Make an appointment with your childs teacher so he can go into the classroom with you and check out all the great activities he is going to be doing there.

2. On the first day of school take him to the school early to play outside on the equipment with you there.

3. Talk to him often about all the fun experiences he is going to have at school like making new friends, crafts etc...

A lot of children at this age are very excited to go to school to make new friends and see friends that they already know. I think it will be easier then you might think.

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