what is the name of the sleeping book everyone says is the best?


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I read On Becoming Babywise as well, and I just followed the general method of eat, play, sleep. I found them to be a moderate approach between demand-feeding and schedule feeding. I just went with what I knew my baby needed. If anyone wants to argue, ask me how well I sleep since my 4 mo old sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!! As in, 10-12 hours. Oh yeah! And he is definitely not suffering. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen, and quite the chunky monkey (entirely BF at this point).

I have at least three other mommy friends who have started the Babywise method and their babies sleeping has improved dramatically. Of course every child is different, so it may take something else for yours.


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mine is mommy, laura, and daddy, jamie know best for baby jason, 2 and justin, 1.. at about 3- 4 to even 5 mos old... slept through, cried it out for a few nights. . thats it.. not the funnest time but it works... ladies, get your husbands help to hold you back from getting baby.. dont worry they will still love you in the am, after a few nights you will love them even more b/c ur getting good sleep,,good luck!!

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Try reading the Baby Whisper by Tracy Hogg. I got a lot of great advice from the book for sleep, scheduling and feeding. Book talks about birth to toddler years. It was recommended by my son's dr.

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I have twins and read ALL the sleep books and 'Baby Wise' worked best, they are 2 1/2 now and are still routine oriented and go to sleep by 7:30 every night. This book was key to my survival. And they are two very happy little girls!

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You could also try "How to have the happiest baby on the block" by Harvey Karp.

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a version of Babywise worked for us. Eat, Play, Sleep in a FLEXIBLE routine. My baby sleeps from 8pm - 8am without waking and she is doing very well. You have to use your best judgement and do what feels right to you. I read the baby whisperer and it has several good points that we added to babywise. Children need and like routine. Babies brains develop most during REM sleep so it is very important that they are getting the right amount of good sleep daily. Good luck and sweet dreams. :)

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I recommend The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. Lots of practical step-by-step advice on getting into routines and starting good sleep habits at any age.

Babywise advice has been linked to Failure to Thrive and infant dehydration because it advocates against on-demand feeding for young infants. I don't know that I would trust other info in the book when they are so off-base in that area.

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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child!!!! It changed my life and my son has slept through the night ever since!

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We used the book Babywise - I know it is a little controversial but you do not have to listen to EVERYTHING it says - use your common sense. The part about getting your child on a eat, play, sleep routine is what was key for us. Once I did that my daughter stopped waking up on her own during the night at about 11 weeks. (We started using the book at about 9 weeks) - until then if she woke up during the night hungry we fed her, BUT I will say I started to notice that she was waking up the same time every night (within 5 min) and fussing, but when I would give her a bottle she would drink less that an oz. and go back to sleep. She was waking out of habit, not hunger, and so one night I left her fuss for about 15 minutes and she went back to sleep on her own, and after that she never woke up during the night again. She has been sleeping from 7-7 since she was about 3 months old - Good luck! PS - it is also important to put them down to bed still awake/groggy and not completely asleep so that they learn to self soothe and put themselves to sleep - then if they do occasionally wake during the night most times they will put themselves back to sleep.

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Goodnight Moon IS good, also Guess How Much I Love You, Where the Wild Things Are (more for boys I guess), and On the Night You Were Born. All great bedtime stories. As for books of advice on sleeping, sorry, I have no idea.

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Are you looking for a fiction bedtime story or a non-fiction book that gives advice on sleep? Goodnight Moon is a very sweet bedtime story.

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