What is ur life plan?

Krystal - posted on 11/30/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




What is ur life plan? and did having a child mess up that plan? or did u accomplish ur goals and a baby was just an extra bonus and it all happened the way u wanted it.


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I'm just like whatever happens will happen! I have an advanced degree that I am not using, because I got pregnant sooner than we expected and decided that it was best for me to stay at home. We are blessed with a healthy, happy daughter. We don't have a lot of material possessions but we have everything we need. There will be plenty of time in life to use my degree and make money!

Ruth - posted on 11/30/2009




my life plan was to be a good mother and wife. i thought i wanted to join up in the military when i was younger but after i got a little older i didnt want that any more. my husband is older than i am by about 16 years. we have been married for 13 and have a 12 years old and a 10 week old. i stay at home and he works. and we just enjoy our childeren, me esp because we never thought we would have our youngest, i have health problems that made it very hard. i just love my childeren i dont know what i would do with out them.

Natasha - posted on 11/30/2009




My life plan has always been to have kids and be a stay at home mum! I'm 23 and have got that wish! Now i plan to have lots more kids and keep staying at home to bring them up the best that i can!! I have never been happier :)

Krystal - posted on 11/30/2009




Well i have 2 boys and i feel like after my 1st 1 i was a lil set back but i got back on track and then i i met some1 new and i got pregnant almost a yr lata and i wasnt really ready but i was so focused on makin that person happy and givin him what he wanted i didnt think abt myself and what was best 4 me and now its like alot of stuff i have 2 put on hold cuz i have my 22 month old son thats not n school and im not workin cuz i dont really have that stable sitter and his father is no help so its like im stuck, but things may turn around cuz im tryin 2 start school n January and if that works my son will go wit me. I also have a 4yr old and all this didnt seem so hard when i had him and it seems like the world changed so fast n that short period of time cuz he n PreK now and i dont have 2 pay 4 nuffin.

Stefie - posted on 11/30/2009




I think my life plan was to be a rich accountant. I tried that for a few years and was very unhappy. I tried being in the Navy to see if that would make me happy, it did not. Then I got pregnant and married. Now I am a stay at home mom and have inner happiness.
I never planned on being a stay at home mom, but my husband is in the military and over the next few years we will move several more times, not staying anywhere long enough to establish anything similar to a career. So we decided that we would have another baby (I am 16 weeks) and I can go back to being an accountant once my children are in school and my husband has a permeant duty station.

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My life plan was to be happy. I've also wanted to be a stay at home mom since I was 3! Now, I got my wish and we're adding another one!

Brittany - posted on 11/30/2009




my plan was to go to school, become an RN, then get married and have kids. well i met my husband at the end of my first year of college, he already had a son, then i got pregnant 6 months later, and now we are married with 2 beautiful baby boys and very happy. I am not going to school right now, but i will finish eventually. i dont think that i would say my boys messed up my plans, they were just a wonderful detour! and i cant imagine my life any other way!!!

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my whole goal in life was to have my son an im sure that sounds crazy seeings how im only 23 but that was it even when i was little i never wanted to be a doctor or a teacher ect i always wanted to be a mom, and my life plan is to raise one hell of a humen bein, an thats about it

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