what is your budget for Christmas shopping on your kid(s) ?

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Bonnie - posted on 09/26/2011




We don't really have a budget for our kids right now (they are 3 and 5), but we spend roughly around $100 each. As they get older, it will go up a bit.

Nancy - posted on 09/26/2011




My kids are 4-7 and the budget is $100 each - but sometimes I go over a little wee bit. We have a huge family and my kids get so many presents from everyone else. It will be hard to stick to the budget this year as my older daughter's literature of choice these days is the SEARS Wishbook - she reads it every night and circle things for 'Santa' to get her. :)

[deleted account]

It varies. J is an only child, so we pretty much just get him whatever he wants and a few small surprise gifts. Maybe $400-$600 or so. He is getting older now and the things he wants are more expensive.

We don't buy J much throughout the year because we are careful not to "spoil" him, so I don't feel bad about giving him a nice, big Christmas. We also only have 16 extended family members to buy for, so budgeting is not that big a deal for us.

What we spend on each other varies too--just depends on what we want. I like giving my husband gifts though, and getting gifts from him--I could never be in a relationship that didn't do gifts for the parents. It's not so much about the actual gift or how much is spent on it, I just like the idea that he carved out time in his schedule and really thought about what would make me happy....anyway, I'm rambling.

Karen - posted on 09/26/2011




well, my son is only 2 so we keep it around $100 as there's not much he needs, he's too young to ask for things and his grandparents get him tons. we spend the most on his "santa" present (this year it will be about $60) then will get him an outfit and a smaller toy. i'm sure as he gets older and is able to ask for things we will have to raise the budget a bit but i don't plan to ever have a budget of more then $200 because we have a large extended family to buy for and can't really afford to go more then that for him.

Jodi - posted on 09/26/2011




We spend around $250 per kid, but it depends. If there is a large family gift (like the year we bought the Wii), it will be significantly less. We also don't buy our kids things throughout the year, birthdays and Christmas only. Also, my kids are older, and their wants and needs become more expensive as they get older, so that's why we upped the limit. But then, last year we took them all to New Zealand, and that was an expensive holiday, so we cut back on the Christmas budget.

[deleted account]

I think it depends on the age of the kid. My oldest is 9 and there are a lot of things that he wants that are a lot more expensive than what my 4 and 5 year old want. We usually try to spend the same amount on each kid but he knows that since they are more expensive he might get less than what they do. We usually try to keep it around $250 but because of the fact that we are going on a Disney cruise summer of 2012 we are only spending $150 this year.

Amanda - posted on 09/25/2011




I have 2 kids and we set a limit of $100aus each. We also set the same budget for ourselves. We don't neccesarilly spend that though

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