What kinds of things can you do for ur 4 months old that has come down with a cold ?

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my for month old daughter has come down with another cold this is the second time she catches one . one right after the other and i was wondering if any moms out there have any good remedies to help me get her over them faster? my daughter has nearly lost her voice both times she caught this cold! any help will do! please leave me some suggestions thank you!


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I'm sorry to hear that your little one hasn't been feeling well. I would also add that if you brush her gums or teeth yet, you replace her toothbrush. That can also reinfect her. To get her through colds quickly, I always used to give my kids their dosage of tylenol *and try to never miss one for at least 24 hours* this keeps them feeling a little better and takes care of any fever she might have. You said she almost lost her voice, Is she coughing (a really loud barking type of cough)? this could be croup. Some of the best remedies for that are 15 mins. in a bathroom with the door shut and the HOT shower running. the steam from the shower will really help to open up her airways. Also, wrap her in a blanket or put her jacket on her and take her outside in the evening when the air is really cold and crisp. It works wonders for inflamed airways (caused by croup usually, but would probably help if she is just congested). Also, does she have a humidifier (or vaporizer sometime people call it) in her room. Keep it about 3-5 feet from her crib and run it ALL night long. also great for the airways. I also used BABY vapo rub on my kids (you may want to check the label to be sure that at 4 mos. she isn't too young). Warm up some water or juice and give her a little bit warmed up some. *again check with dr. about juice at 4 mos.* Lots of love and kisses always helps. Good luck. Also, if she has a fever for longer than 24 hours call her dr. this could be a sign of a more serious infection. Keep an eye out for her to spike a fever higher than 102-103. call dr. immediately. My daughter started taking febrile seizures at about 6 mos. or so. These are seizures caused by a fever that rises very high very quickly. Not all babies get this, and I pray that yours does not. It can be very scary. If one should occur. Turn her on her side in case she vomits *my daughter never did* and call dr. or ambulance to have her checked. they usually last just a few mins. and cause no damage, but are scary as hell especially if you don't know what it is. Not to scare you, but i sure wish someone had told me about them when my daughter first got sick, maybe i wouldn't have been SUCH a wreck. Good luck, I know how scary it can be when your kids are sick and how helpless you can feel.

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To help her from not catching another cold after this one try bleaching her toys so that all the germs from this cold are killed. I think that Clorox has the correct amount of bleach to add so that everything is taken care of. Remember if she takes a paci that you need to sterilize those as well.

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