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Hi, I can help you with that question. I have a 9 year old that plays soccer, and a 4 year that just cannot stop talking. Breast milk, Baby cereal, and Vegetables (Baby Food)...
Baby cereal at 1 month then a week from that I gave him carrots for a whole week, because you have to observe what the baby is allergic to.
2nd week- broccoli (for a whole week)
3rd week-mixed vegetables
Because the breast milk is the healthiest there is, it has a lot of vitamins and protein.
Plus it will make the baby become even closer to you (Bonding). Any baby food that you give, you're suppose to give them that particular food for a week to see what they are allergic to ex. carrot for a week, broccoli next week, peaches a week later.
Baby cereal was given at 1 month and he was gaining weight. Every check-up he had with the doctor, his results came out healthy.
When he turned 1 yrs. old, I gave him table food. But that's another discussion that I will save later for you. But most of all BREAST MILK. Babies will gain weight with breast milk alone, because it has a lot of vitamins. It actually prevents babies from getting sick. Also, I never allowed my kids to have sugar until they are 5 years old. Actually, when my 1st-born turned 5 he picked out sugar-free without even knowing it was free of sugar. I hope my advice helped you.

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