What's the real deal with pacifiers, are they really that bad?

Vanessa - posted on 11/06/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




So I kept my daughter from pacifiers for about 4 months, then around the time she started teething I couldnt take it any more, she got the infamous ''soothie'' pacifier and fell in love! haha

She is now 16 months and 'still in love'...every once in a while a random person would say "What are you doing with that in your mouth??" (to the baby) And I cant help but wonder, am I wrong for not weaning her off of it so much, am I wrong for depending so much on this thing to sooth my child?

Now Ive tried to wean her off of it, but it's hard when she is still teething and it helps me put her to sleep. She already weaned herself from breastfeeding so I cant just give her that.

What's yall stories? Advice? Feedback?


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Lori - posted on 11/07/2009




I have read that babies having one when they are born can reduce the risk of SIDS. And I have one for my 9 month old that is orthodontic, that won't mess up his teeth growing in. Now with my nearly 3 year old stepdaughter I had to basically do it cold turkey. I love my mother-in-law, but she still tries to give the child one whenever she leaves her. I have found that it is all about distraction, like when you leave your kids with a babysitter. And it works. My husband was even trying to give her one just a couple of months ago to go to sleep. Thing is, she never asks for one during the day and when I would put her to bed while he was working at night. So it is all up to you. I personally think 2 years old is too old for a pacifier. I have read children have and will find ways to self-sooth themselves. My mom would tell me in the morning to "put my pacifier to bed" and I would and be fine. And now being 27 and a first time mom I will try that with my son. Just do what is best for you and don't pay any attention to criticism other people throw at you. YOU are the mother. Go with what is best for you. If you are starting to have reservations about her having it so much, try weening her off it for maybe a week and see how it goes. :) Good luck!

Stephanie - posted on 11/06/2009




My son is 12 mos (tomorrow) and i use his paci for naps/ bedtime and when he has a MAJOR meltdown- we have 2-3 a week... he doesn't seem too attached to it unless he's super cranky. If she weaned from the breast without problem she will likely do the same for her "soothie"- this will probably take time and as far as stangers go YOU are her mother so it doesn't matter what they think- she isn't their child!!

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both my kids had binkies and there fine. i gradually took it away. with my oldest son i would only give it to him in the car and for naps and bedtime. anyother time i wouldnt give it to him even if he was screaming his head off. then one day i decicded not to give it to him for his nap. it took him longer to fall asleep but he did and then that was that. once he didnt need it for falling asleep, he didnt need it for the car either. he was off it at 18 months.

i did the same thing with my youngest son and he was off it at 19 months.

i think gradually taking it away is better than just taking it. you got to set boundaries for the binky. decide what situations she'll get it in and when she wont.

and i personally think its better to give a baby a binky then for them to suck there thumb. A thumb you cant take away

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