What sort of beachwear you would wear with your kids at beach, Brazilian bikini, thong/ gstring bikini, one piece or etc???


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At a beach, a one piece swim suit with rash guard and either a swim skirt or board shorts. If I require it of my kids I'll be wearing it too. It is honestly more about sun safety than anything (although I don't like showing off my junk to anyone but my husband).

Kim, I've almost had that very thing happen to me, when my daughter was throwing a fit during swim lessons. I don't wear that one anymore. I lost too much weight to wear it after being pregnant.

Kim - posted on 05/05/2012




I see Moms at the Y with the front of their bathing suits soooo low. They are swimming with their babies or Toddlers. I'm waiting for one of them to grab their Mom and everything fall out LOL I'm in the need of a new bathing suit and seriously can't find anything decent! But if I was younger I'd wear a decent bikini(I'd probably look ok in one now) but now I like the one piece, preferably with a skirt.

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