What to do w/ toys!!!

Erica - posted on 11/03/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My boys, 6yrs and 11 yrs, have waaaay too much toys! I don't know how to approach the toy bin! I need to clean it out and get rid of stuff! How do you decide what goes and what stays??? I have in the past donated to the local childrens shelter and Good Will...I just guess the idea of going thru so much of it has already worn me out!


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Shannon - posted on 11/04/2009




I have been going through this as well with christmas coming up there will be more and more toys coming into the house, I have found it easier to start with stuffed animals. If its not a favorite and its in good condition your local police or shariffs dept would probly be glad to take them for the kids in homes that they called to for domestic problems or child abuse cases. Raggy ones can be thrown away, that alone opened up a lot of space in my kids room. Also think about the age factor if its something they have had a long time and they are too old to play with it the savation army or good will could really use toys in good contition to give out for christmas cheer to families who cant afford gifts for their kids, i think this goes to age 10. Even try asking your boys if there is anything they would like to give to these children they may surprise you and give up alot of stuff, especiall with the christmas coming up and knowing they will be getting more. I know we have christmas cheer in NE im sure there is something like that where you live. I have actually gotten it a few times for my girls in the past and it helps a lot when you dont have the money to get gifts for your kids.

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I have two boys and the same problem...something that works for me is a weekly bin system. I sorted all the toys, got rid of what they don't play with or is broken, then i took four bins (one for each week of the month) plus one extra bin. I then took all their cars and put it in the extra bin (that bin stays out all the time) then took the rest of their toys and seperate them into the four bins. They get one bin a week. It helps me becuase there is only 1/4 of the toys out, and they dont seem to get overwhelmed by toys. by the time they start to get board by the toys they have, a new bin comes out. i hope this helps

Crystal - posted on 11/03/2009




Start with the big stuff. It will look like you did more. I hate going through the toy box but it looks so much better just to get rid of a few things. Look at the big stuff and pick out what they never play with, is broken, or has missing pieces. Just doing it one thing at a time always helps me.

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