What to do when a Toddler Refuses to use Words, Yells instead?

Kkrjrpleggett - posted on 06/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son just turned 2 a few weeks ago. He used to tell me "done" "up" or "down" when he was done eating and wanted out of his booster seat of if I asked him if he was done he would say “yeah.” For the last few weeks all he does is Yell! It is driving me crazy. It's like he forgot how to use those words. I ask him if he is done, wants down or up and he answers "no." He answers "no" for Everything!!!! He can tell me "eat" which of course means he is hungry, I will ask, are you ready to eat lunch? The answer is always "no." I don't know what to do. I refuse to give in to his yelling, so I will not let him out of his seat until he is quiet, but he still won't talk to me. I do tell him to use his words. And I praise the heck out of him when he Does use his words. When it comes to meal time, I have literally left him in his seat for Over 90 minutes! waiting for him to tell me "done" "up" "down" or even "yeah" when I ask if he is done eating. I have allowed him to fall asleep in his seat because he Refuses to talk to me at meal time when he is done eating. I know he has the words he just won’t use them and I don't know what to do! We only have this issue when it comes to meal and snack time. He uses his words for other things just fine, "book, read, eat, ball" etc. Seriously, how do I get him to tell me when he is done eating instead of just yelling at me? It's to the point I can't take him into a restaurant because of it, but we used to go out all the time and I even got complements on how well behaved he was especially for a toddler. Now, with the yelling, I am scared to take him out because I do not want to be "one of those parents with the screaming kid."


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Why do you even ask him if he's done? You're the parent, YOU tell him when he's done. This is the perfect age for you to start getting him used to eating within an allotted period of time. Visit your local preschool and find out how long snack time and lunch time is. It's been awhile since I taught that age group, but if I'm not mistaken, I think it's about 30 minutes for snack time and an hour for lunch time -- that includes the children setting up and cleaning up after themselves. I used to give a 5-10 minute warning so they can finish up, then when the allotted time is up, just say, "snack/lunch time's over," and take him down from his seat. No need for him to drive you crazy. I've learned that "no" seems to be alot of 2-yr-olds' favorite word. He'll eventually grow out of it, especially since your son seems to use his words fine with things other than meals.

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