What to do when your child is mouthy?

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What are some technique in teaching your child not to be mouthy?


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From experience (I'm the oldest of 6 kids, 4 of which are girls, all of us have daughters). Girls tend to start getting mouthy around the age of your daughter. They are developing attitudes, emotions, expressions, and trying them out on everyone, including you. You can let your daughter know you want to hear what she's trying to say. Maybe she needs to share things with you, but needs to do it appropriately. I agree with Crystal that it's important that she not be flippant with you, but express herself in a better way. You know what will get through to your daughter as far as discipline. Take away privileges, electronics, etc. This may sound crazy to you, but what works in our house: Daddy! When my husband hears our kids being mouthy, one word from him is all it takes to get 'em right! And he asks them what's wrong, and he listens when they share. and offers solutions with the warning that he better not hear any more disrespectful tones comin out of their mouths. I can't explain it, but sometimes my kids need to talk to Daddy instead of me.

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I asked my 10 year old daughter and she says she doesn't know why they (my 3 daughters) get mouthy sometimes. Sometimes, it is to test the boundries. Sometimes my 8 year old does it as a game. Other times it is to release their frustrations and they don't really know how. It is important to make sure she understands why it is not okay to get mouthy with you. It is important for her to understand what is and is not respectful. It is also important to give her some healthy ideas on how to let out frustrations and to also talk to about things that she may not agree with or make her upset. If these are set in place when she is young, she is more likely to carry them with her when she gets older.
As discipline, you can try different things, such as taking away privileges.

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With an older child like that, if she continues to disrespect you take away something that she likes, whether it be TV, computer, Ipad, video game, or whatever. Take it away from her for a day the first time, 3 days the next time, and if it happens again, a whole week.

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