What to do with a 4 year old who is always catching a cold/cough

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My 4 year old daughter is always with a runny nose/ cough/sneeze. She goes to kindergarten for two days, spends the next week with throat infections and amoxicillin and goes back to kindergarten only to come back with another set of runny nose/wheezy cough/sneeze. Doctor says it may be allergy but does allergy causes cough/sneeze? Sorry, if i seem like I am ranting, but i am tired of feeding her medicines every week. any suggestions? anyone else have same problems? she is rather thin, but an active happy child.


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Sorry to hear about your baby girl. I'm not sure why your doctor would prescribe antibiotics for throat infection or for the cold. According to centers for disease control overuse of any antibiotic and using it for certain illness can cause harmful side effects, antibiotic resistance and weaken the immune system, which it's the immune systems job to get rid of those things. The best thing you could do is build her immune system and allow her body to do its job. I like to use natural herbs and vitamins for my children. Elderberry is great but doesn't have a good taste. Umcka chewable are my favorite go to for the kids to boost immune system and fight colds. Even if it's allergies, building the immune system will help with that too! Of course you can also get a vitamin boost from foods (fruits and veggies). I like to make my kids lemon tea with ginger and honey (great for coughs and sneezing).

*Although, I have my bachelors degree in Alternative Medicine and I'm a certified health coach I am not a doctor. I encourage you to do your own research and speak to trusted professionals before making health changes! Good luck to you and your Lil one!

Resources: https://www.cdc.gov/features/getsmart/


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I agree with the other ladies.
Stop going straight for the antibiotics and look at her immunity. Make sure she has a healthy diet and is getting enough immune boosting vitamins.
I would also go to an allergist to rule out any allergies and yes, the symptoms you have described can be caused by allergies.

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