What to do with your 9 month old?

Codi - posted on 04/03/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




Im a stay at home mom and I live in a very small town that really has nothing for moms with little ones. Any advice on what I can do at home with my 9 moth old. Thanks


Grace - posted on 04/04/2010




We go to the park, sit outside on the lawn and watch the world go by.... I like sitting out on the lawn with my 9 month old girl... I'll tell her all about what's going on around us. We play with our pets (3 cats, a dog and 3 ferrets) We do gardening (I'll actually be planting and stuff while she plays in her 'dirt box'), play little games and cuddle a lot, read books (really important for when they're older), We paint our toe nails (really hard to do without help!), go shopping... Lots of stuff. lol. Oh, Erin's favorite activity, Eating! she loves to feed herself food and it's fun making her little meals for her.

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YOu can take your little one to the park and bring them on the swings as long as you hold them or they have baby swings....even putting a blanket outside and putting their toys on it works...if you have time you could always drive the the zoo or something like that!!! I hope this helps some

Kelli - posted on 04/04/2010




My daughter loves swing sets and has since she was 5 months. Just make sure it is the infant/toddler kind. She likes having me read to her, (well really she likes looking at the pics!). You could let her bang on some pots and pans if it doesn't drive you too crazy!

Lysha- LOL!! I play fetch with my daughter who is now 15months! I throw her stuffed toys and she runs and brings them back to me! It's hilarious. Except the times she doesn't bring them back and I need to go chasing her around my house!

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Blow bubbles, put out an outdoor pool and let baby play with cups (pouring water), read books, put on music and bounce around, sing songs, play with balloons, roll a ball.

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at 9 mths i used to get the paints out n paint there feet n hold there hands n make them walk over it or let them put there hands in it n just feel it n flick it everywhere i used hme made paint made out of flour water n food colouring ,, baby erobics class is also fun good luck


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Jodi - posted on 04/05/2010




At 9 months your baby is all about sensory appeal! Different feeling objects, like cashmere shirts, terry cloth towels, scratchy wool hats etc etc. Also, how do things sound different? Scratch, pat or tap metal bowls, plastic bowls, wood blocks and pillows to see how they sound different. Reading is also a great tool for children of ANY age!

If you are interested I have a community called SAHM's are Teachers! It's a community to swap ideas on fun and educational activities to do with your children of all ages.

Here's the link:


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meetup.com I feel like a broken record LOL, but that's what saved my sanity. They have playgroups in your area(most of the time) or moms groups. What about church? Gyms? Open play? I loathed being trapped in the house, Being outside and meeting other moms helped a ton.

Iysha - posted on 04/04/2010




We play games like "come" (I just go where I need to in the house and tell her to come. Lol. She is learning what it means...I kinda feel like I'm training a puppy but she loves it.) and we practice getting things out of the toy basket and putting it back in. We go for walks when it's nice out...go to the grocery store down the street and "shop" but really just look at the boxes and cans and talk to the people that work there. She plays on our scale...she likes the numbers. Lol. I just move it from the tile to the carpet. I also let her "walk" with the help of the couches...she has a blast standing up and getting down and standing up and getting down and does it over and over again. Lol.

Amy - posted on 04/03/2010




I have a nine month old and live in a place with hardly any thing to do so we have our own fun. He has a little ride on bike that I push him around on, we do painting (get some no toxic paints, a BIG sheet of paper, lay it on the ground) we put on music and dance or just roll around on the ground together having fun. Get down on their level

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