What types of foods are you feeding your one year olds? Anyone still on purees?

Michelle - posted on 06/22/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is just about to make one. I am still freaked about giving finger foods. He always seems to gag. He eats his baby puffs without any issues. Any diced steamed vegetables he gags on though. I still puree most his foods. Any tips out there?


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Ji-Young - posted on 06/22/2010




Hm...my daughter had a really easy gag reflex...still does. I tried making things that were slimy, such as peas, sweet potatoes, blueberries, etc. She has loved blueberries ever since she was about 10 months old. She still eats them now that she's almost two. Try those. I think most fruits are pretty safe, such as cantaloupe, honeydew, peaches, apricots, soft apples, strawberries, etc. Just cut them up into small cubes or pieces. Also, if you haven't already tried it, you can start him out by giving him cereal and crackers that will dissolve in his mouth faster while he tries to practice chewing and swallowing on his own. I hope that helps.

Stephanie - posted on 06/22/2010




My 14month old eats everything; few things he doesn't like; he eats peppers and garlic without a fit; he reaches for them. Try slightly over ripe fruits, but into a small pieces and offer him a toddler spoon, or spagetti cut into pieces. My son loves to slurp the noodles and get messy. You might want to talk to your sons peditrician if this continues, just to make sure thier isn't some other reason he cannot eat finger foods. Good luck.

Sandra - posted on 06/22/2010




Start with over steaming the veggies so that they are mushy but still larger not pureed. The other thing you can try is very well cooked noodles cut and cereal in milk that has gone soft from the milk. That's how I started my son. He did the same thing as your son and gradually I have made things less soft and now he can eat anything that we eat.

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