What we sacrifice and loose.

Jessica - posted on 04/05/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




Currently we are going through VERY hard times. We are having to give up our pets a puppy and a bunny. We have to cut my phone off along with anything we can spare. We didnt have alot to start with and now having to downsize again kills me inside. As parents we want the best for our kids to have the best and sometimes we just can only give them our time and love. In the long run of course thats what will do them the best however of course we want to give them everything. We are so much backed against a wall that i just dont know what to do. We have tried everything applied for everything and no help What do we do..... nothing I guess but pray


Jennifer - posted on 04/06/2011




Your kids are very young, so unless you tell them differently, they aren't going to realize you don't have a lot of money. Here's what I remember when I was a child. I remember every Sunday going to church, then going to my grandma's to play cards, board games, and in the summer running around playing hide and go seek with my cousins. I remember getting an entire box full of clothes and shoes that were new to me. I remember going to a pond and fishing. I remember playing outside in my sand box and swinging on the swings with my brother. I remember walking/riding in a wagon to the nearest elementary school during the summer to play on the play ground. I remember running through the sprinkler when it was too hot to be inside. I remember walking through the woods with buckets looking for black berries. I remember standing in a long line at the local fair grounds, to get cheese, rice, and powdered milk. It wasn't until I was much older, that I realized we were poor. To me, everyone wore hand-me-downs or garage sale clothes, and only stores had air conditioning. I thought that everyone got food at the fair grounds. When I got older, and my parents started making more money, they tried to take us on big vacations to make up for never being able to take them before. I can remember a tiny little bit about going to Opryland, but I can't tell you any rides I rode (or if there are any), I can't remember any shows I saw or really anything. What I do remember is before then, we went to a camp ground not to far from where we lived, and we all had a blast sleeping in a tent, and fishing, and I had this really nice friend (can't remember her name, but she had red hair) that I played with the whole time, and we took my one grandma along and we sat around a fire every night roasting hot dogs and making s'mores. The point I'm trying to make, is that your kids could care less about expensive toys or if clothes came from Old Navy. As long as you fill this time with fun activities that you all can do together, even if it's just walks to the park or through some woods. They are going to look back and have fond memories.

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Its tough at times to be able to give everything that you want to a child but as long as you love them and do your best then your doing great. My husband is self employed so it gets real tough when work is slow but we do what we can.

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I am a big believer in Karma....give to others and you shall recieve. We do everything in our power to help others, usually its our time and we do it all with our kids, and amazingly enough when we thought we were not going to have food for our tables people who cared about us pulled together to make sure that happened. Just pray and do the best you can with what you have.

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Lots of moms will look for online jobs to supplement their income. I do 2 and enjoy spending time doing that.

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That really is all you can do. Just pray and He will provide at the right time. Good luck and I will be praying for you and your family:)


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Jessica - posted on 04/06/2011




Thank you everyone for the prayers and for the kind responses. I know in the end everything will be ok. I know that I give the best to my kids and that they will know I love them with everything I have. I never believe in having a price on anything and hope that I can teach them that as well. I have very good childhood memories of things I just did with my mom and I do that with her. I run and play with her and give her every oportunity of my time that I can. Thank you everyone once again!!!!

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