What weight for a new carseat?

Jessica - posted on 01/15/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




What does the child's weight have to be for a forward facing carseat?


Angie - posted on 01/15/2010




Check with your state... I think is according to the department of transportation the way you place the car seat is according to certain regulations they stipulate.


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Carla - posted on 01/16/2010




you need to either look up on the computer or go into your local police station cause every state is different. i hvae just been through this.. i know in wa the laws are changing as of June this year. alot has to go on the development of your child but it will also be going on there age and weight. but i really suggest going to the police station as this is what i ended up doing.. good luck

Stefie - posted on 01/16/2010




You have to wait until child is over 20lbs and over 1 year, but try to wait longer. It is much safer to have them rear facing. We had to turn out DD at 14 months because her car seat was rated only for 30 inches and she was 31 inches.
I admit it is nice to see her little face in the rear view mirror, but it is so much safer turned!

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In most states the law says 1 year AND 20 pounds, but they are thinking of extending that. Children are MUCH safer when they ride facing the rear. I would strongly suggest that you keep your child rear facing for as long as they are within the weight restrictions printed on the seat. You can check out this website for some exact statistics and even some crash test footage. www.thecarseatlady.com

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I have always been told to wait for the child to be one year and 20 lbs. The one year part is important because if you were in a wreck, his/her neck muscles are not strong enough and the baby could be hurt much worse if they are forward facing. I changed my son out of his infant carrier to a regular car seat at 6 months because he was too long for his carrier, but he sat rear facing until he was one year old.

Michelle - posted on 01/15/2010




The law says 20lbs. My pediatrician told me that you should keep them rear facing up until 2 if possible or as close to it as you can get (basically until they are too tall or 2 years).

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I recently bought a new convertable carseat for my daughter and it lets a child ride rearfacing for up to 40lbs (and its says "or 1 year"). Obviously most children weighing 40lbs will be over 1 year and to long to be rearfacing. It is in the best intrest of the child to keep rearfacing for as long as possible so when carseat shopping make sure to check the weight it supports in the rearfacing position (some are only 35lbs)

As for my bub, she will be 1 in march and I will be leaving he rearfacing until shes either to long or reachs the 40lb limit on my carseat... then I will flip it, it supports up to 60lb front-facing (saving me from having to purchase a booster later)

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Your doctor can tell you at your baby's 1 yr well visit if your child is ready. It is a ruff average of height, weight and age. Approx. over 20lbs and at 1 year.

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my son was in an forward facing carseat at 8 months but he was'nt 20lbs at the time it was his height that i was told too turn him around it just depends really......

Tarsha - posted on 01/15/2010




i dont know where ur from, but in Australia, its 8kgs or 6months, make sure they can hold their head up..i was confused about all the new laws so i went to child and youth health and the nurse looked it up for me, bubs likes it somuch facing everyone!! if ur not sure i suggest you go to the local police station they will tell you the laws or maybe on the net just to make sure im sure you want bub to to safe! good luck xo

Joley - posted on 01/15/2010




at least 1 year old or older. The weight is not as important as thier age because it is about development. Some say to keep them rear facing as long as possible because it is safer, as long as they still fit.

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