what were your kids doing at 6 months?


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my son turned 6 mos on the 3rd. he's not even creeping yet but he tries his little heart out. he just pushes his little bootie in the air but doesnt get to pull himself with his arms. he can wiggle out of things really well thou when he's on his back. he sits up for a long time thou and reaches for things n gets onto tummy position just fine. he's also like a little puppy and chews on anything he can get his chubby little hands on but no tooth insight. :)

Ashley - posted on 06/15/2010




my daughter is just 6 months and chewing like crazy so think shes getting a tooth or more through but havnt seen anything yet. shes rolling bothways now. has starting to go backwards on the floor and poking out her tounge.

Sarah - posted on 06/15/2010




Hi Shelly, my son will be 9 months on Friday & he STILL doesn't have any teeth lol. At 6 months he was JUST starting to roll both ways consistently. It took him awhile to get to that point. He was sitting up for a few seconds, but he wasn't very steady. My son didn't start crawling until a week before he turned 8 months. Now he is EVERYWHERE. It sounds like your little one is doing just fine. :)

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Shelly....I'm sure she's JUST FINE! Try not to worry or compare you daughter.....7 months is fairly early to be crawling and every baby develops differently!

Shelly - posted on 06/14/2010




my daughter just turned 7 months today...shes not crawling yet...she does want to walk...she doesnt even have a tooth yet..she talks a lil but very she only says something bout once a week....i hear and c wat most babies are doin and im getting kinda worried that shes not where shes supposed to be.

Amy - posted on 05/24/2010




My son was crawling and trying to pull himself up on things. he also had 4 teeth and was eating solid food. he could also sit up on his own very well. Granted, he was walking at 11 months and could climb at a year... Oh yeah, at 6 months he could also turn the TV on and off...

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My first was saying a small few words and sitting up and she started standing and walking around the furniture at 6&half mths.She could climb on the sofa and work the dvd player etc lots of things with her i cant think of them all..She was a flyer now shes five years old.

My second could roll around and say a small few words and had a few teeth and my first had teeth two lol.My second wasnt as active or strong enough to sit up at this stage.She could say hi ya from 3and half mths which was so cute and shocking to hear her say something so small and when she smiled it was so funny to see her one tooth at 3mths lol.

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The day my daughter was 6 months she cut her first tooth....they've been coming in steady ever since! She was sitting on her own and rocking back and forth on her hands 'n knees getting ready to crawl which she did just before she was 7 months. She weaned from the breast and started on formula.....she was also eating soft foods.... ie. avacado. Hmmmm.....I'm trying to think back...

What about yours?

Medic - posted on 05/23/2010




At 6 months my son was sitting by his self, rolling both ways, army crawling, drinking from a sippy cup, and being very very loud...is there a reason your asking....oh yeah and he was already eating me out of house and home...so really not much has changed except he walks, talks, and can wipe his own butt now 3 years later.

Karen - posted on 05/23/2010




my son at 6 months was sitting on his own, rolling all over the room and by the end he was crawling.

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