What won't you do, that your parents did?

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What things did your parents say/do growing up that you hated as a kid that you would NEVER do to your kids? Lets get creative here and NOT write about spanking. Thanks

My parents let me be fearful of grass when I was a baby. I naturally didn't take to it well and my mom thought it was the best thing ever because I didn't need a leash, cage or her attention when at a park because I wouldn't leave the blanket. She told me when I had my kid not to teach it to like grass. I think this is sad.

I was also scared of vacuums around age 2-3 and my parents couldn't keep me in my room at night so they plugged in the vacuum at the end of the hallway and whenever I would sneak out, they would plug in the vacuum while they watched TV. I also think this is sad and would never do this to my kid.


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My parents never kissed each other in front of me, I saw one kiss ever and that was accidental when I turned around as we left my moms hospital room I saw my dad give her a peck on the lips. That was the first and only time I saw them kiss, I sometimes wonder if they really loved each other or not. I think they thought that kissing in front of us was innapropriate but it would have been good to see they loved each other.
My husband and I kiss in front of our kids and will continue to show love to each other in front of them :)

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My mom would put me in the hallway between are garage door and basement door in a chair when i threw temper tantrums and she would dump water on my head to get me to be quiet. But i would always scream more. She would also put me in my room for long periods with the door locked during tantrums and just let me destroy my room then when i calmed down she would eventually let me out. I would never ever dump water over my child's head as a form of discipline i think it is wrong and it never did anything for me when i was throwing the tantrums also when my kids throw a fit i never ever lock them in their room and not let them out. I let them have their moment and when they are done and calmed down we talk about it.

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