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My b/f and his 8 year old son's mom can not get along..she is always using his son as a bargaining tool, bringing him into thier adult situations,she wants him to sign a passport application but he does not trust her as she has broken a few of the orders on the court order already, such as smoking in the home, moving without notice, bad mouthing his father in front of him, always threatening to keep him away from him on his designated visits, The big concern he has is that on one of his weekend visits she called and told him that she was taking his son camping on his weekend and he told her no its my weekend but she just said try and find me if you can and thus he missed his visit with his son that weekend...any suggestion on whst we can do? Thanks


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Get the most ruthless lawyer you can find, take her ass to court, and petition for sole custody.


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Katie - posted on 02/07/2010




i would tell his lawyer and take it back to court...and fight for full custody..bc that is not right she shouldnt be doing that. i would not sign and do everything korina said.

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DON'T SIGN! I would start recording phone calls, record on paper everytime she threatens to take the boy or tries to use his son against him or keeping anything she gives in writing that would hurt her case if he did fight for custody. Sounds like from what you have said about the camping trip that she wouldn't think twice about fleeing the country with him so I would def. NOT sign the passport app. Good luck

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first thing is to start a journl & keep dates, times and basic of what conversation was about. if its his weekends he needs to go there anyway to pick him up, just to say he did, if the child is not there he needs to go to the court house asap and file contempt charges against her, its harsh but u have to do what u have to do, this is his child also and he has rights. the best thing to do is try to get what she is doing and saying in e-mails or letters! if he can. if she is in fact going against the order on anything smoking parent alianation refusle of visit he has to file contempt, he needs to start building his case because in the future he my need to file for custody if this is what is going on now. when he or she calls write it down time date convo good and bad so you can show the judge what is going on. ppl say judges will not listen to this but they will because its showing the courts that he is taking the time to do this and he has concerns. he has to take action asap. good luck.

April - posted on 02/07/2010




I think that he needs to take her back to court and try to get custody of his son. If he can prove that she is an unfit mother and she's already breaking court orders then he shouldnt have to fight too hard to get his son. I hope everything works out

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