whats best to feed him at this age

Brittany - posted on 06/01/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




hat should i be feeding him right now he eat's jar baby food and baby puff's baby juice and formula i need to know what els i could be feeding him so i can start doing this


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Andrea - posted on 06/01/2011




At 9 months old DD eats pretty much what we do, with obvious exceptions being anything spicy, anything with allot of dairy and eggs/honey etc (basically following the guidelines).

So last night we had spaghetti bolognaise, for her and my son I cooked up some dinosaur shaped pasta (what I had in the cupboard otherwise it would have been spirals) and she got the sauce and the pasta in a little bowl cooled down a bit in the fridge so it was just lukewarm.

The night before we had steamed veg and chicken. So I cut the chicken into strips that she could pick up and just let her have at it.

She doesn't use a spoon or fork yet so everything is finger food.

MOMMBY Mom - posted on 06/01/2011




Is your baby 10 Months old? Please refer to this article for How Much a typical baby eats. http://www.mommby.com/Food/Infants_Toddl... For the first year, the primary nutrition generally is either breast milk or formula with the introduction of solid foods. By 9 months generally finger foods are introduced to help the baby get use to those. Be careful to make sure not to give your baby anything he could choke on. I use to give my baby really soft pears in really small pieces he could mash in his mouth. Definitely check with your child's doctor if you have any questions.

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