whats your 1year old's daily routine..?


Roxanne - posted on 06/05/2010




my son is 15months and i find he doesnt really have a set routine as he did when he was say 3months to 1yr.i find that now he is changing his needs constantly so 1 day he may be in a certain routine and the next week he is completely different.but generally he wakes around 7-7:30 has breakky and plays for a while and then i read to him.sometimes he will go for a nap at around 10:30-11;00 but some days he just isnt tired, and then will nap at around 1:00.he usually sleeps for about3-3 1/2 hours..so i am really lucky and get alot done.he has a snack when he wakes up and then we will head out for a while or will take him to the park.but only go to the park if its around12:00 or 1:00 because otherwise its too cold.(we are in australia so it has just hit winter here and verry cold!)if we do go when we get home he has lunch and more play time usually we sing some songs or i have a few dvd's with songs on them that we sing along to.he has dinner around 6:00 then abath straight after and play time with daddy.bedtime is around 8:00-8:30 where he has a milk feed(i still give him 1 breast feed). :-)

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