Whats your daily routine consist of? I get lonely

Amie - posted on 07/09/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




We wake up at 7 or 8AM. My son drinks milk and then we eat breakfast at 9.
Sometimes he will watch PBS in the morning while I am in the kitchen cooking breakfast.
Then he plays while I clean up dishes and clean the house.
most times in the morning we shower together after we eat.
noon comes around and he takes a nap and I usually do too for an hour or so.
Then I get lost after the nap we goof around and eat dinner at 5:30 or 6.
then we wind down with bath time.
At bedtime at 9pm I'll sing him his abc's or he listens to a lullaby soundtrack.

I get lonely with my daily routine, I dont like to take my son out alone because he throws fits and he's hard to handle at times. I dont have friends to hang out with so its even more difficult. I'd like to hear what you stay at home moms maybe similar to my situation do with themselves everyday. I need help.


Jamie - posted on 07/09/2012




I have a 3yr old girl and a 10m old boy. After getting up 2 or 3 times a night with one or both kids, my son wakes up at 7am every morning. I take care of him, play with him till 8am and wake up my daughter. We finally eat breakfast sometime after getter her up, then I do dishes and clean up the kitchen a little. Then most of the morning we just play although I'm getting totally bored of it or PBS is on while I'm working on emails/etc.
Lunch around noon, naps around 2pm (I clean or play on the computer), then I make supper. Most of the time we eat without my husband since he's virtually not around cause he's always working. Bedtime around 8pm for my son, 9:30 for my daughter and it starts all over again.

Some days we go to a play group that meets on Tuesdays and Fridays. I just joined them and its nice to see other moms/dads while the kids play. I don't really have a whole lot in common with them but still, we can have conversations about something. You should try to find one in your area. I just signed my daughter up for swim lessons so that gets me out once a week. I too don't have money to throw around so we spend some time at the library, ours has a great kids area. I'm alreays researching ways to keep my kids busy on the internet like making water color paint, making play-dough, etc. so that helps kill some of the day for me.

I also do volunteer work, its my way of getting out of the house and feeling like I'm worth something more than just a mom. I run the ladies group at my church. I am the secretary for my local Farm Bureau....just take the minutes and notes which also gets me paid $40 for each meeting.

Hope some of this helps. When ever I'm getting real burnout or need adult conversation, I actually come to this website and see what other moms are saying out there.

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Amie - posted on 07/09/2012




My son is 18 months old. I plan trips like we went to raging rivers with my boyfriend and his friend, was fun and I spent most of the time at the kiddy pool watching my son play and I played with him too. I can set up his pool in the back yard and play for a few hours and Ive done everything I can to make the day enjoyable. I dont have much money so going shopping would just be browsing trip. I'd like to make more mommy friends who have play dates and stuff but I can hardly find any my age. All I know are moms that live far away, moms that have husbands or still with the father... so I can not relate or get these ladies to hang out. I've gone to churches and let my son play with other kids, I have a gym membership and theres a daycare but I dont feel motivated to go by myself. I hate working out alone and my son hates the daycare he crys and screams. I been trying to set up play time with other kids but it never happens. Also my son smacks me in public whenever he throws these fits, its very hard to handle by myself. So most days when no one in my family is avaliable or my boyfriend is working I spend alone at home with my son. The summer has been considerably hot and I've run out of things to do when me and my son are alone.

Brianna - posted on 07/09/2012




how old is ur son? i think u should start taking ur son out on ur own how else is he gonna learn to behave in public unless u show him and yes i sucks when they act up in public but its a normal part of growing up if my daughter misbehaves depending on where we are she will have a time out in the bathroom at a store/resturant or time outin the truck ect. i enjoy taking my daughter out shopping all the time or walks or to the park to play or we go swimmnig twice a week with other moms and tots. may u should join a local moms group to make friends with kids the same age??

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