When another child is hitting your child

Jennifer - posted on 06/16/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




My son is almost three,he is a fun boy who loves to share his toys and play with other kids. When the boy across the street comes out, he is so mean to my son. He hits, pushes, and yells at him and takes his toys from him. I tell this boy not to hit and that he has to share the toys, but it's not working. He is not my kid, so what should I say to him and his parents? Any suggestions would be so helpful.


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i personally, would tell the little boy who is hitting and striking to go home. when the parents ask you why, tell them.


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Jomarie - posted on 06/20/2010




I had the same problem! I was watching my old friends daughter for her while she was at work and her daughter would always bite mine! I kept telling the mother that she was biting and I been putting her in time out, the mother blew up at me saying it was my daughters fault and I had enough when the little vampire drew blood. Needless to say, we dont talk anymore. so just be careful and tread lightly!

Sheryl - posted on 06/20/2010




i agee with cristina mendoza! and some other ladies. by walking him and tilling the parents. but differently keep an eye on him to. best of luck!

Cristina - posted on 06/19/2010




Not for anything but maybe the reason the boy is hitting your son is because he has someone who is maybe younger or smaller than he is who he can take out his frustration on, maybe he's being mistreated at home or if he goes to daycare there by other kids, I would keep your son away from that child but also keed an eye on how the parents treat him, you never know, when kids act angry they may have other issues beneath.

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yes since he lives in ur neighborhood and your child will be around him. i dont see anything wrong with talking to the parents.. they may be aware their son is a jerk lol.. maybe not doing anything about it.. if it continues, just explain to your son that if someone is not nice to him, he needs not play with him.. your son sounds sweet like mine lol.. just try to teach him to stand up for himself nicely.. and if it doesnt work to come get you.. if it continues.. then i wouldnt even let him around the other child and tell the other child hes not being nice so therefore yours will not be allowed to play with him

Christy - posted on 06/17/2010




First, when you see this kid doing that to your son, tell him NO in a firm voice. Then, take his hand and walk him over to his parents' house and tell them what happened, and LEAVE HIM THERE. Don't let him come play with your son the rest of the day, and make it clear to his parents. Even if they don't discipline their child, he will get the idea he is not welcome to play with your son if he is acting that way.

Also I get what some of the other moms are saying about not letting your son play with him, HOWEVER it's a great learning experience for both your son and the other kid. If it continues, then consider not letting him play with the mean kid.

Vixi - posted on 06/17/2010




Ooh Id be so tempted to wollop the little brat!! But obviously thats not an option lol.

I'd stop your son from being around this other child, and if the bully comes over to where your son is playing, stop him coming near, eg if ur son is in ur garden, dont let the bully in the garden.


Danielle - posted on 06/17/2010




I would go to the parent's of the hitter (without your son present) and tell them what is going on. Then I would explain why my son is not going to be playing with their kid anymore and that their kid is not welcome over my house either. Then you remove your son from the situation and introduce him to a playdate with children that behave better.
You can't protect your kids all of the time on the playground, but step up and stop bullying right away whenever you can. Bullying even at this age can have a really strong effect on your toddlers self esteem later on in his life. I would never let anyone's kid bully my own.
i'm the mom on the playground that is yelling at other parent's kids to stop throwing sand, toys .. etc... hey if you're not going to parent your kid and tell them to knock off the crap then it's up to me to protect my child.

Hope this helps and dont let your precious, impressionable little tot be exposed to this rotten apple anymore.

Jane - posted on 06/16/2010




tell the kid that he can't play w/you. when he asks tell him is not nice and unless he can be, he can't play. simple. if he tells his parents, big deal, he's not being a good kid and they're not doing anything about it. at least the child is learning from someone, as he should be, that he's not acting appropriately. just go inside if he won't leave you alone and tell him that he can't hit other people. i personally, would walk him back to his door and tell his mom that he is causing a problem w/his hitting. but that's me, i'm pretty brazen when someone hurts my child. we were at a mall w/little rides last week and this kid kept cutting in front of my daughter, on my money. he took off when i told him he had to stop and his mother came over and told me that we had cut in line and were using his money, "oh really? did you know that while you were on the phone over there w/your back to your child, he has taken 4 rides on my money, cutting in front of us 4 times? where have you been? do you have $4 to give back to me?!" she argued back that we owed her a $1. i told her that he never put any money in the machine and suggested she check his pockets, she did and then scurried away. i told the boy that nobody is going to play w/him if he isn't nice. she was already back on her cell phone. if the parents aren't being active about things, then you still have to show your child that the behavior is wrong and nobody has the right to treat them poorly.

Crystal - posted on 06/16/2010




stick up for your son! he cant stick up for himself. tell that boy when you see him acting up that if he is going to keep acting like that then for him not to come near your son and don't play with your son's toy if he cant share, then he cant have them at all because no one really wants to play with someone who cant share and the next time you see him acting up you're telling his mom. and if he acts up, tell the parents!!!!! tell them you've been taking the back seat approach to their sons behavior but you felt that they would want to know how their son was behaving. tell them that you did indeed end up having to discipline him but you feel as if it shouldn't be your responsibility to do that, but seeing that you were the only adult around, you had to step in, for your son.

Tisha - posted on 06/16/2010




I would just tell the parents that you have noticed that when the boys get together their son tends to be mean to your child. Let them know that you have told him not to hit and he still continues to do it. I wouldn't say anything else to the child. I would go to the parents now.

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