When did you first start giving your baby food ?

Christina - posted on 04/23/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




When did you first start giving your baby cereal and how soon after did you start baby food?My friend basically told me I am a bad mom because I started my baby on cereal at 3 months and now started baby food and shes going to be 4 months tomorrow what are your thoughts ? I dont do it to feel her up as she still gets up two times at night to feed I do it because I was taught to introduce early to avoid allergic reactions my baby is doing fine with the food I just give her about a tablespoon or 2 twice a day and about 5 bottles of 5 oz formula (unfortunately I cant produce breast milk) any feedback would be appreciated


Kate - posted on 04/23/2010




Don't worry about what someone else says about your mothering. You know what's best for your baby. Usually it's supposed to be best to wait until 4 months. Since your baby will be 4 months tomorrow and she is doing well, just ignore that person. You're doing a good job. She looks very healthy and happy.


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Devin - posted on 04/28/2010




My doctor put my baby on cereal at 3 months bc she wasnt gaining weight...She gets a teaspoon for every ounce of milk.. and bc my daughter really got tired of milk and wouldnt drink it at 4 months i put her on baby food...she eats 1-2 jars a day with cereal in them and i use juice to thin it out then she drinks milk in between and when she goes to sleep at night and when she first wakes up...u know ur baby better than anyone so juss do what u think is best and dont listen to anyone else

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Well as long as she was ready and able to eat the cereal, with a spoon not a bottle, then I think it was ok. I'm sure you know that all pediatricians recommend no earlier than 4 months since they have problems digesting food that early. We started my daughter on solids-rice cereal as soon as she turned 4 months and got the ok from the pediatrician. She took to them great. Our pediatrician told us to introduce a food such as the rice cereal for about 2 weeks then move on to the oatmeal cereal since that one is a little harder to digest and see for about 2 weeks then move on to the next food group. When you have introduced all food groups then start switching them daily with what you want when you know she can handle them and she doesn't have an reactions to them. And by the way I don't think you are a bad mom you know when your baby is ready and everyone does things differently and they work for them so you do what you think is best.

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I started my son at 6wks putting cereal in his bottle before bed. At 3mo I started giving him baby food every few days. He is 4mo old now and no longer has the cereal bottles before bed, he however eats cereal mixed with a fruit everyday when he gets up from his first nap. He gets a juice bottle once a day, recently gave him yogurt juice. I mix all his juices 1oz juice to 3oz water. Also has veggies once a wk or so. In addition to his bottles. He does perfectly fine with all of it. Don't be bothered what others tell you is right or wrong it's your baby and you know what's best. I had many ppl tell me I was pushing it and he wasn't ready....it worked back when I was a baby and we are all fine. You have a beautiful baby, she will let you know what she does or doesn't care for.

Lily - posted on 04/24/2010




Well your the mummy, you know your daughter!, My daughter started baby cereal at 4months and that was only once a day, i did it cause 1: she wasnt settling with just her bottle and 2: she is a big girl and she was always hungry, now that she is 7months, i just give her lunch at 12 and her dinner at 5 and her bottles :) she weened herself off me, so i had to give her the bottle :)
so dont panic, your daughter is happy and well, thats the main thing :)

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