When do babies usually hold their own bottles?

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My baby is almost 8 months old and she refuses to hold her own bottle. She will reach for it and start to suck on it, but won't tip it up and drink from it. She can if she wants to, but it seems she just isn't interested in doing it. She hold and plays with other things but has no interest in this. Any suggestions?


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Kelly - posted on 02/27/2010




Neither one of my kids held their own bottles. They were done with bottles by 12 months, and until then I held them when they ate. I enjoyed it, it was snuggle time.

Theresa - posted on 02/27/2010




My son was holding his own by about 6 months, my daughter never would hold her own. I think she could, but she wouldn't. She would for a couple minutes, then she'd drop it and get mad. I think she just liked being held when she had it.

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