when do you introduce cows milk? my son is 11mths old an had formula but now wont drink it?


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Rebecca - posted on 06/03/2010




My son was on it full time at 9 months because of health issues. My daughter is 10.5 months and i'm starting the transition right now. This is how i changed both of my kids to whole milk. 1 week 4ozs formula 2ozs milk. For the next week it was 2ozs formula 4ozs milk. Following week it was all milk. Since your son doesn't want his formula, call his Dr to see if it is ok to start fully on the whole milk. They make vanilla flavored formula for 12-24months i think it is. I've never used it but i see it where i am.
Good luck

Heather - posted on 06/03/2010




I started introducing cow's milk to my son at 10 months. There are transition formulas too. I would talk to your doctor first before you start. It was my doctor who told me to start the transition at 10 months for my son. Good luck! :)

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