When do you know you need a break from your kid/kids? A stay at home mom....the kids are always in your face. Mothers need breaks


Tina Marie - posted on 06/27/2013




When do you know? When;
your immediate response to their presence becomes negative,
you yell more times per day than you smile and say something nice,
you no longer can think of things you like about yourself,
you haven't played with them spontaniously, without their asking you too
you begin to treat them regularly as though you no longer 'like' your family
you're family begins to react to your attitude with less surprise (more sarcasm or yelling back) at your anger, spends more time acting out negatively than friendly or concerned
you can't think or describe to other's positive things about yourself or family
you have daily feelings of wanting to run away or hide

This is how I would know it's time for changes to be made. Hope this helps.

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