when do you spank your 2 yr old ?

Heather - posted on 02/09/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Im wondering when or if you do spank your 2 yr old ? after repeating yourself or them knowing that was a big no no


Michelle - posted on 02/09/2010




what was the big no no???

you see what works for my little girl??? If she has been naughty, smacked someone, or hurt the cat, or thrown a toy at something/someone she will get put the other side of the stair gate (which is actually between the living room and the hallway). The naughty corner can work for the first time, she will try and get up several times and in the end will say sorry and give a kiss, but sometimes she can go abit too far, when it comes to throwing things at the tele or computer..so I pick her up and put her the other side of the gate and shut the living room dorr. Its pretty dark in the hall as no windows and she hates it. Shes probably out there 3 seconds before she says sorry and behaves. It works wonders. I used to do the naughty step, but shed just run up the stairs no matter what.
I feel that ignoring her tantrums works best. SHes hit the terrible twos the day she turned 2 and did all the throwing herself on the floor and screaming...I just ignore her and once shes calmed down talk to her and ask her why she did it and tell her its not nice etc...
I think if you want to spank your 2 r old you need to do it when they seriously are in ahrms way and they do not listen... I remember a child psychologist on the tele saying he smacked his childrens hands if they were to go to touch the oven or similar to warn them that oven=hot=pain sort of thing...and I agree if you tell a child not to touch and they go ack and do it, then you tell em again and still they dont listen then a spank on the hand is fine.
As Jennifer said its a fine line..if you smack your child too much for every little thing they do 'wrong' then they will learn smacking is ok and that cause mom does it, I can do it. Brianna's dad has his own tactic and will take her away from any 'bad bahviour' and sternly talk to her, either outside or in the kitchen so that shes away from everyones else and can listen to him and it works...but I do believe that people nowadays think if you smack a child your going to make them into nasty people when they are older..and my thoughts is totally the oppposite. When you smack a child for a certain reason and you have explained that its bad/dangerous etc.. I think your more likely to get a better response from if you just keep 'on' at them to stop...You dont hav to use force on a child, the sting of a smack can work just as good...Here in UK msacking is legally forbidded and if you smack your child you can be done for child cruelty. My mother smacked me when I was younger (2 yrs and up) and it did me nho har,. scared the hell out of me, but I am a law abbiding, non smoking, non drinking, decent manners, and all that jazz and I seriously think that if I can take an ounce of my moms courage to smack me at the right time, my daughter will grow up just fine...its when we let our kids get away with it thats when they turn horrid. I remember my mum smacking the backs of our legs and us trying to run up the stairs and it hurt yes, but one smack and we never did the same thing again.

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It's really never a good idea and is illegal in some states. Usually only do it when you've tried everything else. Problem is, it usually becomes something you do when you get so over the top angry and then it's for you and not them, so not a good idea. I did resort to spanking and I'm definitely not proud of it. You might regret it later, so think about it if you haven't started yet.


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Kelly - posted on 02/09/2010




I have only spanked my son two times. When he was caught doing something that would hurt him more than a tap on the butt. One time was when he was running in a parking lot full of cars!

Jennifer - posted on 02/09/2010




Yes, I have spanked my children when they were 2. It's really a fine line on spanking a 2-year-old. Mostly, because spanking should never take place out of anger, which requires most times for us to step back for a second to calm down, and a 2-year-old needs to be shown right away what is wrong, or they don't connect the two.

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