When do you start using a blanket in the crib at night?

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My son will be 10months on the 16th of this month. We keep the house at 68* at night, but it gets cooler than that in my son's room (we've tried figuring out why, the heater works just fine, there are no window drafts, it just gets chilly even though we keep the door open so the heat from the rest of the house gets in there.) We've been putting him to bed in sleep sacks, but now he is out growing them. When is it safe to introduce a small blanket into the crib at night/nap time? He pulls himself to standing and cruses around the couch etc, but does not stand with out support or walk with a pushed object yet. Is he big enough for a blanket in bed?


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yes he is definatly old enough for a blanket my 1yr old has always had a blanket around him since birth but he slept with me till he was about 6mos old so i was able to keep an eye on him incase blanket went over his face but thats how they get attached to one unless you dont want that

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I didn't start until after first birthday to make sure they could roll, sit, stand. So if the blanket got over there head they could get it off.

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Once my kids could roll over and hold their heads up on their own they had blankets in the crib which was around 4 months. At 10 months and cruising he should be fine with a blanket in his crib.


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As well all 3 of my kids had blankets from the begining. 1st off they can't roll so can't get tangled. Then when they do move....they can move. They wont let themselves get stuck without calling for you. Just like they wont not eat for staying fit ;)

Keep the blanket smaller and light. The thick poofy ones that come with the crib bedding package is actually good because it covers him but if he should roll and be under it a bit it doesn't fall around his face.

My 10 mo has a fleese blanket and a hand knit 1 and he has no problem getting around them.

If you want to be sure have the blankets on the floor with him to play with...play peek a boo with him and let him move the blanket. More of a prove to Mom I can move it on my own :)

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my daughter always had a blanket from day one but i have one of those baby things with a wedge on each side of her so she couldnt roll around

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Thank you ladies. I was thinking it was okay to introduce a blanket, but I just wanted some reassurance. We tried a blanket with a nap yesterday and he did perfectly fine with it. We've also played for a while with putting a light blanket over our own faces and he has pulled it off of us, then we've done it to him to pull off. It's actually one of his favorite games. He's not attached to a certain blanket but he has slept with a small stuffed giraffe for a few months now. Usually he ends up with it tucked under his tummy after he rolls over with it :) Thank you again ladies, I feel much better.

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I've always used a blanket with both my children. And a pillow because they would sleep better if their heads were propt up a little. They say not to do it but as long as you feel safe about doing something then go ahead. If you have any concerns you could always talk to your sons dr. I know my childrens dr gives me info on what I can and shouln't do for my children.

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Once they can roll over and hold their heads up and move around a lot purposefully, they can have a blanket. My son uses something similar to a snuggie at night, a blanket that he wears that was given to us by my Japanese sister-in-law, something they commonly use in Japan for infants. He will be one on Tuesday. I want to give him a blanket, but I haven't finished making it yet. He does have a pillow, at the recommendation of our pediatrician because he was having so much trouble sleeping--the pillow is a comfort item.

When my babies were brand new, we would swaddle them with a blanket and they were always fine. It was the period of time between about 3 and 6 months, when risk of SIDS was high and they were mobile but not mobile enough to get unstuck, that we stopped giving a blanket.

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My oldest son was born in mid fall so it was already fairly chilly at night and we have the same issue in that room that you have in your child's room. So, by 2 months we used a blanket, but a light one and we never put it too high up on him (probably just above the waist line). He was fine.

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