when is a good time?

Alittletigger20 - posted on 04/27/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




ok well i have a 3 year old and a 1 year old girl and boy, i give them a bath together all the time, when do you think they will be too old and i should stop and bath them separately?


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Crystal - posted on 04/27/2010




I still bathe my kids together, 4 yr old boy and 2 yr old girl. It just makes things easier/faster, and the only "problem" I've run into is them fighting over toys. lol I think I'm planning to stop soon though, with them growing, the tub isn't getting any bigger. :D I don't see anything wrong with still bathing them together though. It's just your own judgement call.

Julie - posted on 04/27/2010




Don't make a big deal of their sexual differences and neither will they - our parents were very free and open with us and we 'knew' and 'saw' everyone's everything and were pretty comfortable with them all...

Chelsea - posted on 04/27/2010




i bath my girl and boy together, my lad is 3 & girl is 15 month. i have found that when 1 child can identify "rude" body parts then its time to bath seperatly. i used to bath with my son when he was little untill he asked what my chest was, there is no set time for kids to bath alone, its upto you and when your kids want to bath alone

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