When is a good time for a real toddler bed?my son will be 3 in march


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my daughter's 3 1/2 and she has a twin bed, i just got a bed rail so she doesn't fall off. If you buy a toddler bed now, then you'll just end up buying a bigger bed in another year.

Meghan - posted on 01/27/2010




why was your money on a todler bed? just go straight to a normal bed. my son was in his on 2nd birthday, we got a king single, so i could pop in beside him if needed.the first week we put down a port-a-cot mat on the floor incase he fell (which he did) so he didnt hurt himself.then he was fine. honestly its just more of an expense to get a toddler bed, and then yet another one when he no longer fits it. and if you liked the idea of the rails, you can just buy one from a baby store. it goes under the mattress and then folds into a 90 degree angle, so child doesnt fall out.

good luck.

Amy - posted on 01/27/2010




anytime. my daughter went to a full sized bed from a crib when she was 16 months. did just fine. only fell out once when she was 18 months. i don't think toddler beds are needed. a twin bed is fine and will save you money on having to buy another bed eventually. my sister waited until her daughter's 3rd bday for a real bed and her bday present was the new bed with princess sheets, pillows, etc. she begged to sleep on the new bed and loved it. so, maybe some character stuff will help him go from crib to bed.

Christina - posted on 01/27/2010




My daughter is two and honestly we bought one but she slept in it maybe a month and she wanted to sleep in momies bed so we got a twin bed and she sleeps in a regular bed we kind wasted money on the toddler bed. But usually if your child can sleep without rollin out of the bed or off the couch then he should be ready for a toddler or a big boy bed.

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