when my 19 month old son gets mad he sometimes hits himself, how can i stop this&y is he doin that!


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Heather - posted on 03/01/2010




My son did that for a while, when he did I would just hold him in my lap and say its not ok to hurt yourself. Its probably because he is so frustrated he just doesnt know what to do or how to express it. maybe after you get him to calm down you can have him breathe, i realize he's just a little guy but learning to self sooth is really important. I would tell mine breathe and lay down. and help him to find a way to calm down. at first I'd rub his back until he calmed then I would sit him on his bed or the couch or floor where ever and just talk to him soothingly and then I want to the edge of the room just where he could see me and talk to him then stop speaking and eventually would completely leave his view, would still talk to him, then would just get up and go and no talking and he learned to calm himself... It was extremely difficult to do the get up and walk away thing, so i had to go back and forth a couple times with the talking and walking but eventually I was able to let him be and calm himself. now after the no talking thing I would "check" on him about every 10 minutes telling him its ok mommy's in the kitchen/where ever, and leave the room again. It seemed to have taken forever but I was talking with a daycare teacher and she said it was a marked difference, (He is my step son, so that made me feel good) since I had been living with them (then boyfriend, and son). he shared custody with mom. so we seen him more then some but not full time so I think that made it a little harder. Mom did not want advise from step mom. but eventually she came up with the same plan so it worked out.

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you can try to ignore it my son doesa the same thing an has been doing it since 19 months also although im not sure ignoreing works that well becasue he is almost 23 months an still does it so now i tell him dont hit my baby or stop hurting my baby an that really isnt helping much niether actually im not sure what wqould help but he is doing it becasue thats the way he exspress his self , an he knows he will get a rise out of you weather it be good or bad he is still getting it

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