when shoud i stop feeding baby food and giving more finger food to my 10 month old?


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start with noddles , and mac and cheese. just give tiny bites of anything he will take , my son ate babyfood until 15 months, along with anything we ate, but nothing hard to chew, bread, canned veggies, grilled cheese, food like that


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Sheree - posted on 04/11/2010




I did BLW with my daughter from 6 months and she had no teeth at the time. Babies gum food and they also have a great gag reflex, so if they do swallow something a little to big, generally they will have no problem bringing it back up.

Sheree - posted on 04/10/2010




I never gave my daughter "baby food" the jar stuff. I find it vile and i wouldnt eat it so never gave it to my daughter. I made everything fresh for her with fresh fruit, vegies and meat. she started everything mashed at 6 months and by 6.5 months she was feeding herself the chunks of fruit or veg and meat. She is now 9 months and eats everything we eat and has done since the 6.5 mark. She feeds herself with a fork and if she cant keep it on a fork, (slippery things like eggs etc) then she will use her fingers to feed herself. You can give him any fruits and vegies, meats, noodles, cheeses, toast, sandwiches, yoghurt, basically what ever you are eating he can eat too with the exception of honey, nuts and shellfish, and any food that anyone in your family has an allergy too.

Dianne - posted on 04/09/2010




this is a great time to work on the vegies. i used to give my sons 1/2 cup of corn and 1/2 cup of beans,(a complete protein) for dinner and then fresh fruit for dessert. this was my quickie meal and they loved the finger food. Anything cooked, not seasoned, and not a choking issue is on the list. for teething pain, I froze zucchini in thick rounds, and it was a great teething ring.

Jessica - posted on 04/09/2010




I keep wondering the same, because my son (he'll be 10 months on tuesday) almost entirely refuses baby food and will only eat finger foods, especially if its something we're eating! I keep pushing a little bit of pureed food only to help fill nutritional gaps, since he can't eat "everything" yet. Other than that, I give him whatever as long as its ok for him to eat (like, he won't choke on it, nothing hard or crunchy etc)

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