When should I switch to toddler bed.

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My son is 22 months old and still in a crib. He tosses and turns alot when sleeping and really never stops moving. When should I change his bed into a toddler bed instead of a crib?


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Cristina - posted on 06/19/2010




You will know it, I myself had to change to a bed when my son decided to fly off the crib like superman, freaking me out hence buyng his toddler bed, lol. he was about 22 months also, he fell of the bed once tho, you see he moves just like yours, all over the bed, took a bit to get used to.

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Thanks for the advice ladies. So far we haven't had any escapes from the crib which is good since otherwise he never sits still. My biggest concern was how much he tosses and turns while sleeping. he makes it to all corners of the crib multiple times a night since he is small for his age. If he's anything like me he will end up on the floor a lot.

Stacy - posted on 06/17/2010




my first son switched at 18 months and my second son switched at 23 months....i switched them when they started climbing out of the crib often.....my first son hurt himself climbing out of the crib so thats why i switched him and my second son climbed out of his crib so often i switched him and he got out of the crib more than he does the toddler bed... but if hes not climbing out of the crib he could still be in there if you want him too...my nephew is 27 months and still in a crib...

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Mine all transitioned out of a crib before they were two. My oldest moved into a "big boy bed" at about 15-16 months because he had a little sister on the way. My second, a daughter, moved out of the crib when we moved to a new place before she was 2... new place, new bed. She felt so big. My youngest was moved into a toddler bed when he was a little more than a year because he was crawling out of the crib, and we didn't want him to fall.

They all did fine, although it is true, it is harder to keep them in bed when they find their freedom. But, rewards, as previously stated, are great.

Shanna - posted on 06/17/2010




that really depends on the child. i have 5 kids and only 1 of them were in a toddler bed. the others jumped right to a twin bed, and only one of them needed rails on it. the key to the switch is making them comfortable with the move. we laid in bed at a little later bedtime (so they were tired) until they fell asleep. out latest (2.5 year old) took about a week of doing this at nap and bed time and now she gets excited to go to bed on her own! you can try rewarding them for staying in bed as well. For instance, we had issues with our 2 year old getting up to play at nap time, so she would get a fruit smoothie or a scoop of icecream if she stayed in bed. she didn;t need to sleep so much as rest. This works really well and the smoothie is a nice healthy after nap snack as well. you might find that you will have to do the same with a toddler bed adjustment. but again, it really depends on your child and what you are comfortable with. Good Luck!

Zoe - posted on 06/16/2010




whenever you feel he is ready my son is 18 months and fidgets alot and he is in a toddler bed

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