when the baby sleep , is it need to feed ?

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i just want to know normally for baby 3.5 months can drink how ml / day? and every how many hours? for my baby she drank only 700- 800 ml /day, because she sometimes can sleep few hours, even when the time for drink milk. i should feed her or just let her sleep until she asking for milk?. i'm worry it's not enought milk for her age. i need your advise, tks for help...


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By the time my baby was 3 months old he was sleeping through the night, meaning he went 8 hours without eating at all.

His doctor told me that his weight was great and to enjoy the extra sleep I get. If he's hungry he will let me know.

I'd offer the same advice to you. If she gets hungry she will let you know. Talk to your doctor at her next appointment to make sure she is growing properly for her age. As long as she is growing at a healthy rate and wetting at least 8-10 diapers a day, enjoy the extra time!

If you are formula feeding, and not breast-feeding your baby tends to stay fuller longer as well. Breast milk is absorbed by the body a lot faster, giving them the feeling of hunger a lot quicker than what formula milk does.

A good way to see if your baby is dehydrated is the soft spot on the top of her head - if it has sunken inward, she may be dehydrated. Talk to your doctor then about that too!


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As long as she has 3-4 wet diaipers a day and at least one messy one, don't worry about it. If she is gaining weight she is probably eating longer and more at each time. If you're worried talk with her doctor, they should give you a better understanding because they see her medically history

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Just and fyi....when your kiddo is breastfed she may only poop once every 6-8 days. My kiddo pooped only once a week until she was weaned. :P I sure miss that now that she's on formula!

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As everyone so far has said, a baby won't sleep if it's uncomfortable. Until a child learns to want, they just demand what they need. If she's not demanding anything, you've taken care of all her needs and can relax!

Breasts don't come with mL markers, so we judge that a breastfed baby is getting enough calories by the number of wet (at least 6) and dirty (2) nappies a day. But if you're concerned, just talk to your doctor or maternal/child health nurse (or whatever you have where you are).

My daughter was a great sleeper but not such a wonderful eater, so I learned to nurse her in her sleep - when it was time for a feed I just checked that she was in light sleep (dreaming, twitching) and lay down topless beside her. She'd smell the milk and start nursing without waking up.

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i just let my bubs sleep shes 3 months she lets me no wen shes hungry she normally drinks 150ml every 4-5 hrs and sleeps 8 hrs at nyt so

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As long as she is urinating regularly and gaining weight then she should be fine. I'm not sure about mL, but as far as ounces the rule of thumb is you take your child's weight in pounds and multiply by 2.5 and that's how many ounces your kiddo should get in a 24 hour period. So my kiddo is about 12 lbs. 12x2.5 is 30, so she should be drinking 30 ounces of formula/milk in 24 hours. Hope this helps!

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every child is different.. if your baby isnt hungry there can be many reasons one of which being she is satisfied and as long as she is putting on weight then she is getting enough. I demand fed my kids and I will be with this one too. This way I knew they were happy with what they are getting and then I am doing as they require. As for sleep, generally a baby doesnt sleep unless they are comfortable. If you really are worried for hydration factor or health, then maybe take her to a health nurse? They can give her a quick check up and tell you if she is growing enough, gaining weight and keeping hydrated :)

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