When to start a training bra?

Jennifer - posted on 05/15/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My oldest daughter just turned 7. She has been taking her own bath/showers for a while now, so normally I don't see her without clothes on. Last night I walked into the bathroom while she was in the tub, and got a shock. She is actually starting to get breasts! She is so young! I didn't start needing training bra until I was in the 4th grade. It's not like they are big or anything yet, but there is definitely something starting. Should I start her with a training bra now, or wait until she is a little older?


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Tracey - posted on 05/17/2012




Yes, I'd take her to the doctor. There is now so much BPA in most peoples' lives, and other compounds that mimic estrogen (like soy in fake baby milk) that doctors are seeing an epidemic of girls that develop early, and boys that are developing breasts and having undescended testicles and other symptoms of high estrogen levels. In fact, some toddlers are now getting their periods! It's frequent enough that doctors have now developed a plan of action of what to do for girls (and boys) that are developing too soon/ developing the wrong way.

Some things you can do:
*Learn what estrogenic compounds are, and what they're in. Shampoos and soaps are big culprits because of paraben, so look for paraben-free, among several other related compounds.
*You can buy BPA-free drinking cups and food storage containers.
*Look for hormone-free milk and meat. On milk and dairy products, look for BGH-free.

My own older daughter started getting breasts at age 9, which is still pretty young.

Jacklyn - posted on 05/15/2012




get her one i started developing breasts at that age so yes louise it does happen i was in a b cup by 9 and i was not a fat child. I did experince teasing like you but if she is developing already it is time for the training bra

Louise - posted on 05/15/2012




Are you sure it is breast buds and not puppy fat. I have never heard of a 7 year old developing breasts unless there is an imbalance of hormones. Take her to the doctors and have her weight and hormones checked this is not right.

Your daughter should not need a bra until she is about 9 at the earliest. Breast buds only tend to grow around the earlest age of 9 and then within 18 months periods can start. If you started your periods very early on then it is likely your daughter will.

I really dont think you should put her in a bra at 7. See what the doctor says. I started my periods age 10 and I was the only girl in primary school wearing a bra and the teasing I took was relentless. Dont inflict this on your little one unless there is a good reason to.

S. - posted on 05/15/2012




IMO if she's growing and she has something to train buy her one regardless of her age, my mother left me she never got me properly fitted and I have suffered for it for years.
Buy her the smallest size and if it dosen't fit now you she's not ready to wear it, the shops are full of lots of paddied little bra's now I am 100% against them but you can buy the normal child friendly ones too.

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