when to start on puffs?

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my son is 5 months and grabbing putting things in mouth not crawlin but sits on his own should i give him snacks like puffs?


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Personally, I skipped puffs. They are processed and full of sugar. We did raisins and small bits of fruit for finger foods but not until about 7 months. She was fine with breastmilk and pureed food at 5 months.

I do think that your baby will probably be able to eat them just fine.

Amy - posted on 03/15/2010




That is when I started my son on fingure foods because he was using the pincher fingers and picking things up just fine. I would ask your dr. if you are really unsure. Like Jessica suggested maybe start with banna or avacado. My son actually prefers cherrios over puffs, but I would wait till yours is older to try those because they don't melt very well. Good luck

Jessica - posted on 03/15/2010




I think 5 months is kind of young for finger foods... but he might be ready for them, who knows. If he can sit on his own and has a good pincer grasp (picks things up with thumb and fore-finger) then you could try one and see how he does. They melt pretty quickly in their mouths so it might be a good thing to start with. Or you could try something soft like a piece of banana or avacado.

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