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Does anyone have any advise on when and how to stop breastfeeding there baby?
Also when could I start pablum and 3% milk? My daughter is almost 3months old and has strickly been a breastfed baby. I was considering weening her off of the boob @ 6months. Or do I just stop all together and give her formula?
Would I have to give her formula then? If so I am very worried about it being hard on her system and getting constipated. I was considering using Similac the liquid kind. Any suggestions or advise? Thanks :)


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How long to breastfeed is pretty much up to you. Babies need breastmilk or formula for the first year, so if you wean to formula before that 1st yr. that is up to you when you want to do that. I nursed my daughter until she was 6 months old. She did very well switching to formula. But there are many different ways to switch. You can mix breastmilk with the formula and slowly increase the amount of formula that is in each bottle. To create less pain for you I would suggest switching 1 feeding at a time and do every other feeding. That way you are not in so much pain and don't feel SO full.

If you wean before 1 yr. do formula until she is 12 months old. At 1 yr. you then switch to whole milk. As far as what kind of formula that is pretty much up to you. Most brands are all the same. I know Good Start brand is sometimes easier on their tummies than others. I used Similac for both of my kids. The one nice thing if you switch at 6 months is that she will be starting baby food and you can do prunes or applesauce to help with constipation.


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My advice is to breastfeed as long as you can. Out of curiosity, what is your reason for stopping? If you and baby are going strong, keep going at it. It's healthier for you and her, not to mention it's FREE.

IF you decide to wean her before a year, you need to give her formula, NOT milk. She shouldn't have milk until she's a year.

As for weaning, drop one feeding each week. Start with daytime feedings. But I wouldn't do that just yet. The longer you can breastfeed the better.

You can give pablum and solids around 6 months. Some babies get it earlier (4-5 months) and that's okay. Just start slowly, only giving her about a tablespoon a day. Watch and see how she reacts, and if she's doing fine, you can increase the amount she gets.

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