When to stop naps?

Tanya - posted on 02/25/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi there. I have a 15 month old and a 3 year old. I have been lucky, up until now, with both the kids taking naps at the same time. But now my 3 year old is not wanting to nap anymore. He will go up to bed, but he just lays there and then starts to whine about not wanting to nap after about 15 minutes. We have let him skip a nap here and there and he seems fine (maybe a little more goofy later in the evening than usual), but sleeps the same amount of time at night as he does when he gets a nap. My question is: when should I stop forcing him to take naps? Thanks for your help.


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Cathi - posted on 02/25/2009




I agree with Rachel. I have a son that will be 6 yr old and one that will be 5 yr old and the 5yr old still takes naps on occassion. If your 3 yr old can make it through the day with out a nap then let him.However if you need him to rest or be quite, then let him know that at a certain time of the day that he need to either play quitely or sit in bed and look at book. For my oldest that is what I had to do and it worked. All I did is set a timer and told him that he had to be here for 45 mins and after 15/20 mins he would be alseep.

Your son is at the stage where he is realizing that he can control parts of his life. With me, I just taught my two boys that they can not take the nap but they have to play or read a book and they were ok with it. I think it is a matter of teaching and showing them respect.

Rachel - posted on 02/25/2009




My son is three (almost 4) and he has not napped for awhile. I have a 2 year old who does nap, so I still make my son goes in his room for "rest time." I explain to him that this is when I rest as well, so he has to stay in his room until I come get him. He can read or play or color and if he wants to he can climb in bed and take a nap. This allows all of us to have some down time and makes the afternoon much more pleasant. I usually make him stay at least an hour, but if he is not ancy to come out, I let him stay until his sister wakes up (2-3) hours.

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