When to wean a breastfed baby?

Rebecca - posted on 04/08/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son will be 6 months old tomorrow, and we started him on solid foods two months ago. He got his first teeth in about a month ago, and since then I've really been reconsidering breastfeeding. Now he's teething again and he's started biting me.

The doctor said it was my choice and to start when ever switching to formula by mixing it, but he's had problems with constipation and I'm afraid that formula will make that worse.

He's a big baby and has taken a lot outta me. My husband will be back from deployment soon and we're moving next month. I'm worried also that all of the changes may be too much for him.

Does anybody have any advice for me on the subject?
A Confused First Time Breastfeeding Mom


Stephanie - posted on 04/08/2010




:) while I agree with Dawn, I want to encourage you to continue breastfeeding until your son's at least 12 mos. old. it's just so good for both of you.
that said, you need some help to get there. :)
for the biting: Immediately unlatch him with a firm 'no biting.' and maybe a light flick to his cheek.(that part's up to you.) After a minute, you can resume nursing. If/When he bites again, repeat the unlatching and the no. Very soon he'll get the idea that if he bites you, he doesn't get to nurse. and he'll stop biting.
Also, make sure he's got other times to chew on things like teethers and mushy bananas and whatnot. :) Do you have a good teething medicine? I like Hyland's teething tablets for those really fussy times.

Baby doesn't every need formula really. so no worries if you skip it completely. and yeah, it's not great with constipation. As for the moving and such, continued nursing would be a great comfort to him during the transitions. While weaning could make this more stressful for both you. You'll be super full and he'll be confused.

I hope everything goes well. Please ask for more support/help when you need it. We're here! :) oh, your local LLL group is a great support too during tough times. super friendly faces with tons of experience. :) so awesome.


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Amy - posted on 04/10/2010




Remember this is something you 2 can do..its a special bond that no one can take away....I wouldn't wean him...He is still so young and the longer you can do it the better it is for both of you....Just think how expensive and inconvienient making formula is..I did both with my second son and i hated it..He was hell to nurse and so painful..first son was easy and he too bit me and I SCREAMED...omg that hurt...I took him off firmly said no biting and said that hurts and after a few times of saying this he stopped..when my 3 rd went to bite me I put my finger in her mouth to stop her from latching and that worked...

I nursed my last for 3.4 wonderful yrs...Tho the first 4 months were difficult the rest was amazing and so unforgetable....I let him wean himself...I was in no rush.

Dawn - posted on 04/08/2010




yes I agree with Stephanie, try to at least BF til he's 12 months. I wished I had...

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