when we can give baby the first time for solid food?

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now my little jing jing 4 months plus old. actually i already give her the solid food ( the brand is heinzs). she is like it. but now i'm hear that is not good to give her now, they said better give if already 6 months old. so it is ok if i continue?? because i see my baby ok and not have any allergie fr ate that food. i need your advice. tks for your help..


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I started giving my son solids at about 4 or 5 months and he loved it. He cried and cried when we were eating because he wanted it too. So I started him on some rice cereal and he loved that so I tried him on other things and he was fantastic. I didn't need to teach him anything. He just opened his mouth and ate it like he had been doing it for years. The health centre nurse told me off and said I should wait until he was 6 months but there was no way he would give up his food. He is 13 months now and eats everything and hasn't had any allergies. They say not to give them solids until then because allergic reactions can kill a small child very qickly if not picked up very early. Also some children aren't ready for solids and can have trouble digesting them so if you notice your little one spewing more than usual or getting a bit constipated then cut back on the solids and make sure you offer plenty of water with meals or if they wont drink it and you are using formula then just add a little extra water to it. I hope this helps. Good Luck


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i started at 4 months very slowly and just a little bit at a time. Your baby will let you know when he/she is ready. If he/she is doing fine with it continue. but I would wait with wheat,honey, strawberries all the foods that serious allergic reactions can occur with.

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my son ped told me to feed my son veggies at 8 weeks an 2 days old an he did fine if you already started an she does fine with it then there is no reson why you cant continue feeding it to her

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It's best to wait as long as possible to start solids. AT LEAST 6 months is the recommondation of pediatritions.
My midwife suggested waiting to closer to a year to really start solids. If you are breastfeeding, that is all the really need for the first year of life.

My little one is almost 10 months old and we just started introducing little bites of things, mostly for practice. I started with avacado, then a little sweet potato, and he just had some mushed/pureed butternut squash the other day. Just a few bites, to develop his taste buds, curiosity and mostly just for practice.

But if you are nursing, always nurse first, then offer solids.

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I started introducing solids to my daughter around 6 months. Make sure your child has an interest in trying solids first before introducing him/her to them. I started off with rice cereal (1 Tbsp) at first and then I gradually introduced fruits/veggies slowly over time. I made sure to introduce 1 new food at a time to ensure no allergic reactions, etc. My daughter is now almost 11 months and she is eating everything we eat; we just cut it up into small/bite size pieces and let her go to town!

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ello huni well i heard it ment to be 6 months.. but if you think ur babygirl is ready and she takes it thn i wouldnt stop just dont give her to much my lill girl daisy is 4months plus aswell and i started her on cow & gate baby rice i give it to her at lunch by the spoon and thn i put a little spoon in her milk for her 6pm feed n she loves it either way... if ur baby wasnt ready for it thn she wouldnt take it huni how many days has she had it for mine has it for about four day now n is ok with it...

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