when will my 6 month 3 week old baby will crawl


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Talia - posted on 06/01/2011




my youngest daughter is almost 8months an still not crawling an still not sitting up, she can hold her balance if i sit her up but not for long..\

my son was 9 months when started to crawl, my middle daughter was 7 an a half months when she w3ould army crawl an didnt properly until 10... im so anxious for her to starrt too lolz but she prefers her walker and has alot of strength in her legs lolz

Lady Heather - posted on 05/31/2011




My daughter didn't crawl until she was 17 months old. So...probably a lot earlier than mine did would be my answer. Ha.

[deleted account]

My oldest started about 5 1/2 months commando crawling (Ihad time to put her down and she didnt have someone "helping" her. My second was about 6-7 months, my 3rd...well lol with 2 sisters do everything for him, he (5 months 2 weeks) doesnt care to crawl. Like Michelle said each baby is different. My last just figured out how to roll on to his side from his back and doesnt want to go all the way over. It will happen! But be aware after it does, theres no stopping them! HAHaha

Michelle - posted on 05/31/2011




When she's ready. All babies develop at different rates. My first son was crawling at 5 months, my second didn't move till he was almost 8 months. He didn't have to move though because he had an older brother to get things for him. My daughter started commando crawling at about 6 months and properly crawling at about 10 months.

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