when will my baby start crawling? she is 8 months old already.


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Tiffanie - posted on 01/14/2010




My son is 9 months and he hasn't crawled either. He has been standing up on his own though

Jamie - posted on 01/14/2010




My stepson butt scooted, as funny as that sounds. He didn't start walking till shortly after he was 1yr. He just thought it was more fun! Until he learned that he could walk. lol. Now, my husband and I have a baby boy of our own who is 9 months. He didn't start to do the army crawl till he was 6/7 months old. Then by 8 months he started to stand and crawl. He doesn't like to crawl so much though. He prefers to do the army crawl, or stand. Now that he is 9 months, he is starting to take little steps in his crib. So you see, all babies really are different. If you are really worried, you could try doing leg and arm exorcises with your baby girl. Thats what I did with my son. For her arms, have her sit on your lap facing you. Then hold her hands and start to push her back gently. This makes her want to lean forward while your pushing her back, then when shes really close to your knees, pull her back up. For her legs, lay her on a flat surface on her back. Then gently using one hand, hold her foot and push her leg back. With your other hand, hold the outer part of her thigh to keep her leg from going off to the side. When you push her leg into her, don't do it too hard. You want her to be able to push back.
I hope this helps. I know it helped my baby, and I still do the exorcises with him. He seems to really enjoy it. Mostly because its time he gets to spend with me. I started because I noticed he wasn't using his right foot as much as the left. After about 1 week, I noticed he was starting to push back harder than before. Well good luck, and don't worry so much!

Jamie - posted on 01/14/2010




every baby is defferent and you really can't compair 2 babies! some babyes will crawl as early at 6 months, and others wont until they are 10 or 11 months, some babies skip crawling all together and go right to walking! As long as your baby is happy and healthy i wouldn't worry about it :)

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they say the for crawling most babies crawl inbetween 6-8 months but everybaby is different like my little cousin didnt start crawling till 8 an a half months an she didnt do the army crawl at all , an my son starting doing the army crawl at 6 months an didnt start to crawl thought till a week away from 8 months she will do it when she is ready or she might not even crawl she might be a baby that skips crawling an goes into walking

Megan - posted on 01/14/2010




He is really large? My sisters son couldn't crawl because his legs were too fat. My first son didn't crawl till 9 months because he hated being in the floor but he started walking two weeks after he first crawled and took off running by 10 months. My second son was crawling well by 7 months but didnt' walk till right around his first birthday.

Rebecca - posted on 01/14/2010




My son was 10 months when he crawled. He started scooting,pulling himself on his bum using his hands when he was 8 months. He only crawled fro about a week adn then was walking.

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