when would you give your baby a spoon to eat with???


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Kristina - posted on 12/06/2008




We haven't even started solids yet, and we give Osro a spoon to knaw on while we eat..he feels like he is part of the eating ritual, and its good practice. Obviously you want to keep an eye on them, but thats a given no matter what you give your child to play/eat with.

Ditas Irene - posted on 12/06/2008




We gave our twins practice spoons to hold when they were about 6 months, and then we we started to let them feed themselves, we chose dry cereal. They seemed to enjoy picking one up, putting it on the spoon, then eating. They're 8 now, and have decided that cereal is best eaten by hand, with a glass of milk on the side. For everything else, they use spoon&fork...^_^

Eloise - posted on 12/06/2008




i gave mine a spoon as a way of keeping them of the one i was useing and then slowly let them try and feed them self whilst there consentrating on the spoon they have u can get on an dfeed them lol

Nicole - posted on 12/06/2008




Our daughter is 20 months and for the past few months we've given her a spoon to hold while she is feeding and she started to put it into her bowl and this past month has been feeding herself still with a little help and a lot of supervision. They generally know when they want to start trying things. All the best with it!

Chelli - posted on 12/05/2008




Around the time my second daughter turned one, she refused to eat with her fingers anymore. She watched her older sister and mommy and daddy all eating with forks and she wanted one too. However, for my oldest she didn't eat with any utensils until she was about 18 months old. I would always give her a plastic spoon to play with while taking a bath. She could "practice" eating with it without any mess!

Lori - posted on 12/05/2008




thank you I was asking for my friend becuse she wont give her 11month old son a spoon she said he might poke his eye out I told her I gave my daughter a spoon at 6months ans she said I was crazy

Stephanie - posted on 12/05/2008




If you are feeding your baby and she starts to reach for the spoon to feed herself, by all means let her. Children are the best indicators as to when they are ready to try new things. Good luck!

Miranda - posted on 12/05/2008




Hello :) my daughter is 16months....for the past couple of months we've been giving her a spoon to hold while we feed her, but now she wants to be the one to feed herself :) its quite messy but she's getting better!

start out with something thick, like sweet potatoes, yogurt etc. good luck!

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