When you have constant misbehavior kids and you have tried everything possible to discipline. What can you do. They are ages 2-7??


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Tabitha - posted on 09/29/2011




I'm in the same boat with my three kids (ages 6,4, and 2). They are GREAT! as soon as their dad comes home (he works offshore), but the minute he leaves oh my god the horror and terror that ensues. My mom tells me it's because I'm home with them all the time, and that's why they misbehave. While I can see that to some extent, sometimes some of the stuff that they do just doesn't make any sense at all. As far as discipline goes, I've tried everything in the world. I've taken their toys away, grounded them (no tv, no desserts, no snacks etc), time outs ... basically you name it, I've tried it.

In my case, I've learned telling them that I'm going to call their father will work... for about 10 minutes ... after that it's on all over again.

Good luck in your situation! I hope that it gets better. I know how stressful and sanity wrecking it can be to deal with these kinds of things.

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