When your childs acts out, how do you react??????


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I think the key is to "respond" rather than "react". Usually when a person reacts it's in a negative way, letting the child know that you are angry with them. I use time out often, especially with my 3 year old. He really hates to have to sit still for 3 whole minutes! Always stay calm and patient. Depending on your child's age, you could have a system of rewards for GOOD behavior. These rewards can be revoked for POOR behavior. Kids always hate to loose something they really like. One warning only, then they get time out. I'm not a fan of the whole "One...two....three..." thing. The child needs to learn to obey the first time, not the 3rd time. Just remember that your child is a pretty new human being, still learning the ropes of life: what is acceptable and what is not. They need our guidance and patience, but mostly our love.

TaraLynn - posted on 11/07/2009




time out time out time out! i have 19 month old twins and a 6 months newborn, so i need order in myhome. my kids are ornery and occasionally rotten. eveyone thought i was nuts, but i started time out at12 months. i made a promise to myself to always react with patience and to see it thru. they would climb down over and over and wudn't catch on. i wanted to pull my hair out. i just kept putting them back and saying time out. now all those people who made fun of me ooh and ah about how well my kids listen! they know when mommy gives a warning, time out will follow and that it is useless to get up. they will sit there quietly until i say 'you may get down.' they scramble down and 95% of the time return to playing and avoid repeating the offense! makes everyone much happier, less stressed, and we don't need to yell!

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When my son acts out (he's only 14 months though, so I know it's not him really aiming to misbehave), I take it as a sign that he needs a "time in." I have him bring me a book to read, chase him around the living room, or sit down for a snack with him. After some quality time, he's usually back to his sunny self.

I think that a lot of kids act out, because they know it gets their parents attention. Whether they get a good, or bad reaction, they at least know you're paying attention. If you catch it early enough, a lot of kids can be derailed from mischief with a little one on one time. My kid sister was the poster child for, "Pay attention to meeeee! You see this attention getting thing I'm doing?!?!?" and it worked with her most of the time. :D

Becky - posted on 11/06/2009




Hi Sheena

Unfortunatly every child is different so depending on the situation there would be a number of things you could do. God knows its really hard to always react the way you know you ought to.


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